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Sewing Machine

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We don’t know what to do with my mum’s sewing room. It has this perfectly good sewing machine (industrial) and overlocking machine (also industrial). Dad wants to dump them; I want to give them to someone who might need them.
Mum also left drawers full of cottons; every colour under the sun graded. It seems a shame to waste it.
Anybody interested, PM me.
Don't throw them away! British heart foundation take electrical items of all kinds - they do them up for sale.
Free cycle is good for giving things away to people who want them.
Don't be too hasty! As you know, I'm keen on sewing. Industrial machines are much in demand by some people, especially the older solid metal "bomb proof" machines. First, Google the machines you have, which should come up with some idea of price. I belong to "The Sewing Forum" online forum. They too might be able to come up with some idea of price. In my area, there is a "Tools for Self Reliance Group" which sends tools to Africa and third world countries. I gave them mum's old machines. Apparently if one woman in a village owns a machine, it makes the whole village better off. There's probably a similar group in your area which would love to rehome these machines, and all the threads. Mum would love to know that her machines were still in use. I've given instructions that all my sewing stuff should go either to the local secondary school or "Tools" when I'm gone.
Definitely don't chuck them - don't even think of it! Old sewing machines can last 'for ever' - my mum's post war one still works fine. My SIL lashed out on a computer drive 'does everything' machine...and hates it. Far too complicated. She's gone back to her mum's machine!

She also, like loads of 'sewing women', as a ROOM full of fabric. She has a sign up that says 'Whoever dies with the most fabric wins'. She'll win, I know!

I think BB's idea of a woman in Africa inheriting your mum's machine is great - that would be a fabulous way to end up. Do hope you can manage it. It would be a lovely legacy from your mum.
Thanks for the tips. I now have ammunition against my father dumping it. No ways was I letting him do that (I was practically hugging it when he suggested dumping it) but I had no idea what to do with it either.

It’s a real, proper ‘bomb proof’ machine. It’s a Singer sewing machine, mounted on its own table (not desk top) with a trestle underneath (but it’s electric, not foot operated, but you need to use your feet to operate it, if that makes any sense.)

It is seriously ancient. It was bought, second hand, when I was about five (50 years ago) and still going strong. The only maintenance this work horse needed was some band thing needed replacing, from washing machines!
It can sew anything from leather to silk (if you change the needle and adjust the tension.) I know this for a fact because I got my mother to do so over the years.

She tried to teach me how to use it; I never succeeded. She last tried about two years ago, so I know it’s still in fine fettle.

Somebody, somewhere, has need of a machine like this. And it is going to the tip over my dead body.

Not to mention the overlocking machine, and all those cottons.
I think I may have found a home for mum’s sewing machine; it’s a Singer 196K5. But whoever takes it will need a couple of really strong men, with a van, to pick it up. It’s set within its own table of faux marble with fancy cast iron legs. The whole ensemble weighs a ton!

By the way, I found out today that it wasn’t second hand when mum bought it. According to dad, she took out a loan to buy it. But because of the rules then (1960’s) mum had to get her husband’s permission to do so? Can you believe that!

Mum was the careful one with money, not dad. Yet she had to get his permission, not the other way round.

Mum used to say, “I trust your father with my life, but not my money.”

She was the careful one, not him.

Bowlingbun, failing my idea, I like the idea of some woman in Africa/India using my mum’s machine. God knows how it will get out there?

Either way, that machine is NOT being scrapped.
That's great!
It's amazing how recently women have become (more!) equal in society. Voting for all women only came in during my mum's lifetime.
When Mum died back in 2012 we donated her Singer sewing machine to a charity that refurbished them and sent them to 3rd World countries - I've looked through 'stuff' here but can't find their details now :( But I did find this one when I googled "sewing machines for charity"

http://www.tfsr.org/how_you_can_help/do ... s_we_need/

if you click on the 'contact us' tab there are details on how to contact them and arrange collection.
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