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Serendipity/Sudden, Fortunate Discoveries - Carers UK Forum

Serendipity/Sudden, Fortunate Discoveries

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I would like to start a thread on this so we can share our experiences of serendipity.....it is when something happens that was unexpected but like a happy discovery.

Last week I was unable to take a shortcut due to a blockage with building work. So it was that I had to make a longer detour to go home. I came to an antiques shop and went in. I have been searching for a particular kind of chair that I needed for a very long time now....you guessed it, it was there! I was delighted. It felt fated - like a guiding hand had led me there.

Would you like to share your experiences of serendipity?
I went to the dentist the other week and walked past the Red Cross shop. There in the window was the mirror I've been hunting for years...and better still it only cost me £5!
I can share a better personal example of serendipity that has happened to me.

It was at a traumatic time when my mother had yet another stroke. I had been a part time carer for her (8 years) but this was about to change to moving in with her, i.e. becoming a full time carer. An unusual occurrence took place at that time. My sister's ex boyfriend - after some 40 years - had sought to contact her via facebook. He had just lost his wife and was seeking solace in past memories. As luck would have it he lived local to me and fondly remembered my mum; I was touched that he visited her in hospital. So, at a time that I most needed it, I was suddenly bestowed with a new local and supportive friend who also happened to have been a carer (for his wife). That was some 2 years ago now and he is still a good friend!
Some years ago, I had a computer for sale (more like a pendulum than a pentium) and my sister (working in a bar at the time) had a customer who said she might be interested. I decided to meet with this young lady to er... to make sure the computer would meet her needs (or some similar weak excuse)
My life changed that night and 18 months later we got married.

No idea what happened to the computer. :lol: