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New member an not a carer - Carers UK Forum

New member an not a carer

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I am a new member and I am not a carer . I have a carer though.

I joined to ask a question for my carer cos I was worried on another thread.I wanted to know if I can stay please or do I have to leave now? I don't mind if I have to go but I hope I can stay .

Sorry Tilly, but unfortunately this forum is really meant for carers. They are welcome to ask a question though, and the answer may already be here - you can search for topics..
Hello scally

Ok then I will say goodbye on my other posts and then leave

Thankyou an bye bye

Hello Tilly,

There is really no reason why you should leave - we actually have quite a few members who are in the position of caring for a family member/friend but who also require a carer for themselves ! So we have couples where both parties are disabled/ill in one way or another and who 'care' for each other.

So stick around for a while if you want to - or maybe introduce your carer to the forum ?; they might find it useful Image
Hi susieq

I am not a carer though. I have breast cancer and bone mets and I rang carers uk because I was worried about the carers income. I do not want anyone to lose out on anything because of me. They still haven't got back to me so I joined the forum to ask here

Hello Tilly

Sorry to hear of your diagnosis. I had breast cancer a few years ago, mastectomy, chemo, etc. and still have check ups.

I believe Macmillan website would be able to advise you and have extensive information. I joined another site, cancerbuddiesnetwork.com which is a wonderful source of information, companionship, very friendly site, people sharing experiences, enabling those with cancer diagnosis, and their carers and relatives, never to feel alone in dealing with cancer.

No-one else will lose out if you stay on this site - there's plenty of room here and you are welcome xx
Hello Wifey

Thankyou I will see if a owner comes along and says if I should stay or go. I would like to stay but I will respect the rules of the owner

Image tilly

Susieq has replied to your message above saying you can stay - Susieq is a moderator on this site. Image

I didn't know . Thankyou wifey!!

I don't need to tip toe around the forum now...Thankyou again Image Image