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Embroidery Experience. - Carers UK Forum

Embroidery Experience.

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Hello to all,
i want to start new topic about embroidery.
that's why i ask about embroidery experience..?
Hi, its unusual for a man to want to know about embroidery. What is it you want to know?
My father in law ("Father") was a signalman during the day, and a keen gardener. However, he decided that he wanted to do a tapestry of a steam engine. At the same time, my best friend decided to do tapestry. Both bought frames, but father in law's was streets ahead of my friends! It is unusual for a man to do embroidery, but then I'm a woman who owns a steam roller and a traction engine, so what the heck. If you fancy it, have a go!
Hi John, do you mean that you wish to start it, that you are already experienced at it, or that your interest lies more in the field of collecting/displaying embroidery samples?

If the last, I have recently discovered some older examples of embroidery in the family archives which seem worthy of display or, at the very least, preservation. Unfortunately, I haven't yet taken this idea any further. The examples certainly are intriguing, though.
Hi John,
I find it a very relaxing hobby, I used to embroidery but at present am doing a
cross stitch, it takes up a lot of time , so might take your mind off other things.
my dad many years ago , made the straw baskets and tray's , then moved
on to chairs. which I still have to this day. nothing beats a try.
Go for it John
An embroidery thread? Very witty!
yes it is really a witty and interested thread.
i have little bit embroidery exprience in my life...
I have sewn an embroidered panel that I made into a coffee table. What embroidery have you done John?
Dear friend i dont have a long experince with embroidery but i have done so many projects.