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Running on sunshine

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Spring has finally sprung, and I've achieved my New Year resolution: to get a 4kwh solar array on the roof, and an electric car: a Nissan Leaf, with a range of around 90 miles. So now, no more expensive fill-ups at the petrol station, I'm literally driving on sunshine. And when winter comes, I can charge up using cheap night-time rates for as little as £2.
Its not cheap, but in the long run I think they are both sound investments, and its not as if money earns any real interest in the bank, is it?
Has anyone else gone down the "Green " road yet?
Hi scally, hubby and I are greenfreaks, but unfortunately we cant use much solar power. We looked at having solar panels when they first came out, but because of our house orientation and the fact it is overshadowed, not to mention that it is in a conservation area, we cant have them. We have looked at all possible solutions, but at the moment its just not possible Image
Not a fan of green.
Think in the main it is good marketing and blinkers.
But with a open fire we recycle scrap wood and paper,card.
Alway try to use every scrap of food rather then throw away and big fan of Freecycle and Freegle.
However that as i am cheap,not green Image
Image Image Lowrider

I use the bus. Is that green? It is the only thing I can afford anyhow Image
Scally what happens if you want to go further than 90 miles ? Where do you 'fill up' ?

Generally I recycle as much as I can and am about to change my car for something smaller (lower emissions) and less 'thirsty' than my Nissan Note - so you could say I'm 'pale' rather than 'dark' green Image Image
I've always tried to be as green as I can without being fanatical.

20+ years ago, I started taking my own carrier bags to the supermarket. I used to have a difficult time trying to stop the cashiers using the supermarket bags. When I approached the till, I'm sure they started whispering "Here's that funny woman with her own bags again". Well, I wasn't that daft after all, was I? The world has caught up with me - I was just ahead of my time! Image

I always recycle as much as possible and pass on to charity shops and Freegle. One person's rubbish is often another person's treasure.

We have now had solar panels for about 18 months and they're doing a great job. Being cynical, when we got the estimate for how much power they would generate in a year, we thought it was bound to be an overestimate. However, we were surprised & delighted to find that we actually generated more power than predicted (and we didn't even have much sun last summer!) It's a great feeling when the display goes green to indicate we're generating more power than we're using. Image

We're now investigating how we can further reduce our power usage, as one thing's for certain- the cost of power is only going to go up! Image
I am fairly that way inclined - I dont drive at all, walk rather than catch a bus if im alone rather than with dad, make my own garden compost from kitchen scraps, grow some of my own veg, recycle a lot of stuff, use non-chemical cleaning agents, don't use heating/cooling/a washer/microwave/cell phone/dvd player/vcr/tv/radio/hairdryer, etc.... (JUST computer, lights, hot water, fridge)
I would love solar panels - but dad refuses to consider it - it is his house, so......
I always take my own bags to supermarket with me and if I do get carrier bags, they're always used to line the house paper bins with. Even then, reused as often as they can be.
Scally, if your car won't go, will the engineer tell you it was the wrong kind of leaf? Image
There is an increasing network of fast charging points across the UK and Europe, I know of one family who Leafed it from France via Holland to Scotland and Ireland for a round trip. Its still an adventure, which is more than you can say for most motoring, and rail or bus or my Nissan Note (diesel) are still the preferred choice for longer trips. I think things will get easier, but for all you ICE users (Internal Combustion Engine) - please don't ICE us out of the few electric charging points at supermarkets!