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Running on steam

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With what has happened over the last few weeks I am running on steam. I think I am going to make an appointment for my Doctor at 8am. I am not at home and can't face going there. Twice in the last few weeks I have been broken into on each time it was two junkies two levels above. The second time they were on bail. I am please to say having ADT alarm system worked for me.

They destroyed over 7 large fish tank and the process killed all the fish and the first time around destroyed and killed everything in my coral reef tank. There was more damage but I don't even want to go there.

I put my home on the market and have moved into my brothers home. JJ says he too scared to go back to the house and given what he has seen and how he reacted I am not one bit surprised.

My home is fully adapted for JJ to make life easier for him and I now look for a new house and then need to adapt it in order to move. My brother say's I am being silly but am I. It now been a few days since I slept. JJ having nightmares and I can understand that too.

They say things come in three's so I can't help but wonder what going to happen yet.

Santander my Insurance company have been good about things and have offer me more help and said they would meet half the bill for adapting a new home as part of the insurance claim. Tropicana insures the fish and tanks and they are proving to more of problem The pay-out for the coral reef tank is £25,967 and the rest of the tanks come into about with live stock £60,000 so they are proving more of a problem but have agreed and accepted this loss was beyond my control so hopefully they will sort things.

Any ways I guess I have to get on with things for now and trust this will be sorted soon.

All have a great but safe week a head of you all.

What a dreadful thing to have happened, Gordon. Im not surprised that JJ is upset.
I hope it gets sorted.
That's awful Gordon :cry: