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bloody nerve

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Firstly Happy new year everyone , and i hope santa was good to all.

Not been around on here much as things are settling out , so not needed to vent as much lol.

But i cant believe how badly you get treated by some companies these days , and whats worse they get away with it as well.

On the run up to xmas i was watching a shopping channel ,, they had a fairly good quality RC helicopter available at £49.99 originally £99.99. now i have been wanting to get into aerial photography / films for a while now , but could never afford a GoPro and big RC heli or plane.

anyway i ordered and it arrived 3 days earlier than stated ( great ) ,, then we had that storm earlier in Dec so i had to wait until Monday when we had a brake in the wind . absolutely zero wind outside so off i go to the back garden and we have lift off ,,, up she went , up she went , up up up up up up up ................................

ummm its not responding to any controls at all ,,, then it turns in the air and off it went all on its own and vanishes completely out of site.

i call the makers of the helicopter and the guy smirks down the phone and says "" what are you wanting me to do about it exactly ? , "" the phone call goes on for a good few mins and he eventually comes out with "" i can assure you i will be talking to my boss about this , i am not getting involved in anything , i am not putting our multi million pound contract at risk for you ""...
gee that was nice.

i called the shopping channel to get a woman in India who put me on hold for 15 mins and continued to tell me the scripted crap of "" send EVERYTHING back in complete original packing yes , and all outer packing yes , then send it back recorded or we wont accept yes "" i said sorry but did you actually listen to what i said , it flew away i cant send it back . she put me on hold for 5 mins came back saying she has done all she can do from India her manager has escalated it i will get a phone call back within 3 hours - 7 days
no phone call ( thats a surprise ) .. mean time i was in contact with the makers of the helicopter again who just said what i wanted to hear and hung up .

anyway i cut this short ..
i was given the number of someone supposedly high up at the shopping channel and he did not believe me and point blank accused me of coming up with bull . they have never had a single problem with ANY , ANY of the helicopters but he will call me back within 1 hour . TA DA not a call for days . i call and call and call and call and call ( thankfully its included in my mobile contract air time ) and nothing.
i get a woman days later who tells me he has been in a meeting all day a very important one he will call me back in 2 mins . no phone call.

i make 1 more attempt at a call and i am informed my number has been blocked Image .

i then find the shopping channel FB page and leave strongly worded comments about theft of money , braking several laws of distance selling etc . and just get smug comments of they are the UK's largest and best shopping channel with ZERO complaints .

i then start getting emails instructing me not to post any more comments as they noticed i have joined a FB group in support of shit service from the shopping channel . and that i had better allow final payment on 5th January or further action will be taken against me.

contacted trading standards who said we will take this on , here is a case number if you ever need to contact us again , call your bank in the mean time to get all your money back that you have paid up to.

I contact my bank who seemed to be supportive , then put through to an Indian call centre to a woman who really struggled to speak English clearly enough to understand properly.
told me yes they are on my side , to get my money back in full i MUST send all original parts , packing back to the company in question and await for them to forward on a report in full to the bank before the bank decides if i deserve a money back payment or not..
here we go again ,, did you not understand me i said the helicopter flew off i cant find it . i have searched up to 3 streets away and in back gardens that i can see into. the woman from the bank said well then you will need to send us paperwork stating you cant provide proof of not having the item and why you believe you are entitled to your money back , you must send this to us recorded and the bank will ignore your request for money back because you could easily stage the photograph by removing the helicopter from the picture . in which case you will then have to issue a second letter stating why you no longer ....... and at that point i lost the plot , raised my voice ( never swore or got racist ) and thanked her for wasting my time .

so £49.99 out of pocket plus delivery , and the final amount is to be removed from my account on Sunday Image and the shopping channel giving me the 2 fingers for failing to provide goods fit for purpose but still getting there money for doing so.
Sorry to hear that glad things are settling for you
I had a real problem with a company who wouldn't accept I didn't want their services any more. Then I looked them up on the internet, and found that this was common practice. In the end I closed the account that the standing order went out of. They sent me some invoices and threatening letters, I did nothing, and finally they gave up. Could you empty the account in question tomorrow?
James83, as you can't send them the helicopter, I would make a Statutory Declaration, have it authorised by the appropriate authority (which can be at a Police Station here), and I'd send them that instead. Isn't there something like that in the UK?
not that i have heard of before Koala.

pretty much had it because i cant meet the companies terms and conditions . IE send everything back.
Hi James83. Wow, I can't believe you don't have Stat Decs. Ok, on to plan B.

First, I'd wander down to your local cop shop and have a chat to someone there. Be calm and friendly, and ask what their advice is. It seems to me that it is awfully close to fraud. Ask them also about Stat Decs, just in case.

If the police don't have a better idea, I'd then type out a letter to the company, explaining exactly what happened (again very calmly and politely). I would then either send the letter alone to them by Registered mail, or I would send it together with the packaging. If the latter, instead of the original missing helicopter, I would include a hand drawn picture of the helicopter with a short note describing how it absconded. Naturally, keep a copy of both the letter and the drawing.

Further avenues would be a complaint to the Ombudsman, and/or a complaint to whatever government department is in charge of business matters, and/or contacting a newspaper or Member of Parliament.
Go back to Trading Standards and get advice from them.
Yup, Trading Standards are the people to go to.
I would cancel the payment if at all possible - they have no right to insist you pay for 'faulty' goods... As stated - trading standards, ombudsmen... try any and all legal bodies that might help.....
trading standards instructed me on the only thing i can do . and that was send off a template about faulty goods act . and that there is nothing else that can be done if i am not able to afford to take things further. but if i am unable to send off the helicopter in original packing as i am being instructed to do then i will have absolutely zero luck . as they will hold those cards against there chest as it were.

where i live i do not get legal aid as all local lawyers stopped legal aid years ago . only lawyers that accepts legal aid is 24 miles from me and several buses to get there.

i asked if i can stop the money going through and was again instructed NO if it is not set up as a standing order then i cannot stop it. the company had simply held your details on the system and will take 2nd payment as a new transaction . as i checked with my bank and no standing order was ever set up . the shopping channel now have the final payment of £24.99 . hope they choke on the wine they bought with it lol.

i was told that the company checked 3 helicopters in the warehouse and none were at fault or showed any fault of any kind , so there for they see no reason why the 1 i bought had a fault like i am claiming . and supposedly they have had no complaints from any other customer Image.

looks like i will need to put this as an expensive lesson learnt , and hope others see the post and think twice about buying from some of the shopping channels .
they have lost mum as a customer from their craft channel .