Regrets (Poem)

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Lovely poem from Ethelwulf On Gransnet Forum (Used with her permission)
Regrets? I wrote this poem which sums up my philosophy about them... Spilt Milk

We all have things we’ve done in life, that cause us some regret,
Those sometimes painful memories, we try hard to forget,
We wish we could go back in time, and change things that we’ve done,
A thoughtless act, a careless word, our history to re-run.
But there’s no way to change the past, no point in being stressed,
Though we sometimes got it badly wrong, we may have tried our best.
So use that past experience as we move ahead in life,
Learn from those mistakes we made, avoiding future strife,
Our lives are like when driving, we move on down the track,
And check our rear view mirror, as if we’re looking back,
And picturing what lies there, with older, wiser eyes,
To make sure nothing creeps back up, to take us by surprise.
That’s why that rear view mirror is relatively small,
To glance in it from time to time will do no harm at all,
For just a quick reflection on what lies out there behind,
Not something we should dwell on, and let dominate our mind.
Our windscreens are much larger, so look out front instead,
It’ll help our onward journey if we always look ahead.
Too much attention to the past can leave us feeling vexed,
Let’s all instead just concentrate on where we’re headed next.
Have no regrets, just see those past times in a different way,
Be thankful that they’ve made the people who we are today.
Show kindness to yourself, and listen to your needs,
Nurture all your dreams as if precious, growing seeds.
If you treat yourself as if you were a dear and valued friend,
Your days can truly gain from a life-long dividend…
That's lovely. I'm going to copy and paste it, then print it off for my room.