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Registering death

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Hi Sajehar
Mum and Dad owned this house jointly and I know both their names were on the deeds which I looked at recently. Mum died over 30 years ago with just letters of administration and no personal estate- I think savings were valued at £48.00! So far as I know there has never been any amendment to the deeds. I suppose being in possession of the joint named deeds plus relevant death certificate is adequate? If not , no doubt it will be one of those things for me to sort out in the future at some point.
Maybe this is the best way to deal with it to avoid any future liability for Inheritance Tax. Your mum's share will be unused and you get double so to speak once anything happens to Dad and the house needs disposing of/transferring.
If the value of the property is high, it would be worth asking dad if he would give you mum's half of the house now, as a thank you for all the care you gave her. Then only half the house would count as dad's for inheritance tax if he survived for a certain number of years. Be sure to take some legal advice, but it can wait until after the funeral. Just focus on getting the funeral right at the moment. Anything else is a bonus.
Sajehar, if the property is 'jointly' owned, it will automatically go to your father. The death certificate will mean that the Land Registry will change the register. It doesn't matter what 'the deeds' say - what matters is what is registered at the Land Registry on any given date. I suspect that you will get a copy of the new entry.

Many years ago the deeds were more important but nowadays properties are registered. It may be that Henrietta's parents' house has been in the family so long that it hasn't been registered yet. Then it is probably the case that having the deeds and death certificate is enough.

All this with a pinch of salt!

I agree with BB that (depending on the value of the house) it would make sense for your dad to give you half now. Then there will need to be a change.
Re the property, the land registry will require to see a original copy of the Death certificate (there goes one copy if they fail to return it, I sent mine in with an SAE, I the hope that they returned it..... X-mas post is slowing things down) Paper deeds are becoming consigned to history, it's going digital, and they keep all the current uptodate records on computer nowadays.

Same with the bank, they will need to to See an original, though if you personally take it in to the branch they will copy it and give you the original back, there and then. It's worth making an appointment first, they'll also do a search to see if their are any other accounts, ancient or dormant that have gotten forgotten about over time. If all there was is a joint account with your dad, this will make things a lot simpler.

I chose to do many of theses things in person, it"s an excuse to get out of the house, though in my case it was an empty one.

The local council too, were more of a bunch of jobsworths than the DWP. Returning things like blue badges, getting the council tax adjusted for change in occupancy etc.

The tell you once service is optional, if the registrar has a good internet connection, they can (if they can be bothered) do it for you, if not all you need is the death certificate number and it can be done from home. My local DWP. job centre are quite some distance away, and sorting things out on the phone worked better for me, the only downside is, that their paperwork is usually a week behind the phone calls, so you end up getting notifications in the post about issues that have already been resolved. Like letters about a £10 x-mas bonus to a benefit that has already been stopped.

Heading home in a few hours after spending 7 days away (x-mas in an empty house would have been a tad too much) I dread to find what wonders are enclosed in little brown envelopes from the myriad of govt agencies await. No doubt some benefits have been overpaid.
A bit of me feels frozen.

How dare you die after all my efforts, but I’m glad she did.

I feel torn in two. One bit of me want’s to concentrate on practical stuff, the other wants to scream. But I’m stuck in this Grey Land that is neither one or the other.
It's a whole roller coaster of emotions. Just make sure you eat something, and allow yourself to cry/scream when it feels right - although that may well be after the funeral. Plan to go away, even if it's just for a weekend, away from everything at home, when the formalities are over.
Finally got mum’s death registered. At one point the register said she had to double check the new doctor’s death certificate.
I felt like exploding. But I could see dad crumbling. So I kept it together, reassuring him it would be alright. But at the same time I was clutching the note paper with the coroner’s name and direct number on.

It was alright. I’ve got the 5 death certifactes I wanted (over the top, but better safe than sorry) plus that green thing for the undertakers.

I also got the ref number and telephone number for the dreaded DWP…. Please call again later our numbers are busy.

On the way out, dad and me saw some plaque. It went on about people called the ‘Bantams.’
I insisted that we houour them by bowing our knees. Mum’s dad was gassed three times: I thought it the least we could do.
Hi Sajehar ,i think it refers to the men who were rejected for being too short ,after the war had been going on for a couple of years and cannon fodder was in short supply they were conscripted into bantam battalions .
During ww2 Germany had ear and stomach battalions of deaf soldiers and men with stomach ulcers .
ids and the dwp would have been so proud .
Hope you are coping ok ,good luck with the dwp .
Hi Sajehar
Glad things are starting to go more smoothly now for you and your Dad.
David - very interesting - I'd never heard of Bantam regiments before nor the German version.
I cannot begin to describe how angry I feel. I do not know where this anger comes from.

I’m normally such a laid back person. Having said that, I got so pissed off with our Housing Association we took them to court. We won, even though they tried to make out we were ‘Vexatious.’

I don’t know why, but that plaque had a real effect on me.I looked it up afterwards. The plaque did mention height of men enlisted (max 5ft 3”) but not why.
Dad, in the car afterwards, thought they must have been enlisted for tunnelling, or something.
Nothing so special. It was just a way to get fit and healthy (mainly miners) but smaller men to enlist in the army for WW1.

I’m angry at everyone; even mum. But I don’t know what to do with my anger. Why do I feel fury for WW1 soldiers?
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