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Wow! This is just what I need when I wake up Image That's my kind of breakfast. Hungry bears need shortbread!
Ah now you're talking, Dips. Cold quiche is YUMMY.
Cold sausages, yum
Cold custard, yum
Cold baked beans straight from the tin, yum
Cold rice pudding, yum
Cold pilchards, yum, especially in a salad.
Oh, and raw mushrooms, yummy and juicy.
Ah but frandrake - have you tried cold fish and chips (tartare sauce optional)?
May sound awful but is actually tasty!
Not tried cold fish and chips Image

Left over gammon?

Chop it up with a load of (leftover) mixture of veggies, tin of Tikka Marsala curry sauce and rice.

The saltiness of the gammon, gives the Tikka Marsala that extra something. Tonight was the first time I'd thought about using the gammon in a curry, but boy, was it good.
Tuna pasta salad

It is what it says it is Image

Tin of Tuna
Salad leaves
Olive Oil

Boil the pasta (who weigh's pasta??) drain the pasta

open and drain the tin of tuna dump on top of the pasta

rip up the salad leaves put in with the pasta drizzle with olive oil and stir in well
sticky chicken

diced chicken breast
2 table spoons of honey
2 tables spoons soy sauce
2 table spoons balsamic vinegar

add honey soy sauce and vinegar to chicken
marrinade for 30 mins
put it all in frying pan
cook on high then reduce the heat till all juice has evaporated
serve with chips salad or rice
chuck it in a pot and leave to cook takes about 1/5 an hour
1/5 bag of frozen mixed veg
4 or 6 sausages ?
couple of diced potatoes
oxo cube
cornflour to thicken
and you can put curry in as well if you like?
I love home made pasties but they are so fiddly. I adapted the general idea of pasties, putting the filling in a big pie instead. I diced a selection of root veg and cooked it in a Pyrex bowl in the microwave with a bit of water till tender. While it was cooking I fried some onions and mince. Made some gravy with the liquid from the veg, using and Oxo cube and a bit of Bisto; then tipped the rest of the veg into the meat and put it into a pastry case. Why "Poverty" pie? The first time I did it, I only had a small amount of mince, which seemed a bit mean. Next time I used more mince, but the family (all strapping lads 6ft plus) preferred the original low mince recipe!
Vegetarian Chicken and mushroom Pie
One can mushroom soup
Quorn chicken style pieces
thicken with cornflour
and make pastry for pies
will make 6 or more small pies
And that's a-lot cheaper than buying a pack of four Quorn one's at nearly £3
Vegetarian Chicken and mushroom Pie
One can chicken and mushroom
are you sure its vegetarian?? I've never had vegetarian chicken soup.
Does anyone have a relatively healthy recipe for a lemon sauce? I have bought packets to have with fish but not only is it expensive but it's probably not so good for you either!

Bell x
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