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Recipe Swap Shop

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curry or herbs would be better or chilli but Oh don't like that Image
She's the cheese muncher and cucumber Image Image
Like courgette fur tata Image
3 egg's
1 courgette diced
grated cheese
1 frying pan
fry courgette and put cheese in with whisked egg and pour on fry'd courgette
and serve with bread n butter Image
yum, yum, the pork chop recipe sounds lovely! Going to get some chops tomorrow, I think.

I might make the dog biscuits today,see what Goldie thinks of them. Image
Mmmmm, I do the Pork chops like that too, but I spread some mustard on first for that bit of bite Image
Hi GrannyDaisy, Enjoy your chops!

Tin tuna
Cheese Sauce/grated cheese/tomatoes
New potatoes or a tin of new potatoes - sliced. If you wanna be quick or cheat!

Mix and fry onions, garlic and mushrooms altogether
Meanwhile, slice then boil potatoes until cooked
Mix up some cheese sauce
Empty tuna into an oven proof dish and mix in onions, garlic and mushrooms with herbs
Pour over cheese sauce
Spoon potatoes over the top
Cover with grated cheese and sliced tomatoes
Stick in the oven until hot and cheese bubbling. 200 C oven About 15 mins.
The above recipe was an experiment. We had it for dinner tonight and tasted great. A change from the usual tuna/pasta bake.
We've got newly dug new potatoes coming out of our ears at the moment....
Possibly a stupid question but does anyone know how to make a crumble? My mother taught me to cook and she doesn't make them Image
I make mine the same as quantities of fat and flour as for pastry. When the pastry mix resembles breadcrumbs, add the same amount of sugar as fat, mix in and sprinkle on top of the apples/whatever and bake until golden.
Basically, make pastry with sugar instead of water.
Depending if you like crunchy crumble or smooth crumble, use granulated or caster sugar.
You can actually use all types of sugar (except icing!) for 'variations on a theme' Image
crumble is 4:2:1 4oz flour,2oz butter,1oz sugar.
I do the same as Myrtle, but I add a couple of oz of porridge oats after it is all mixed up,and I sprinkle a bit of nutmeg over the top before it goes into the oven.Mmm, I might make a crumble, making my mouth water thinking about it!
By the way,NanaNana, the pork chops were lovely with the apples and cheese on them. Image
144 posts