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You say "healthy recipes" and I think oooh Mars Bar Cake... I think that defeats the point.

Anyone want my mars bar cake recipe?
Image I don't think it'll win the Carewell competition, but I for one would like to see the recipe!
Four mars bars
Rice crispies
100g bar of chocolate
25g Butter

Melt the mars bars and butter and stir in the rice crispies (I've never weighed rice crispies in my life and don't intend to start)

Poor into a dish and put in the fridge to set

Melt the chocolate and pour over the mars bar crispy mix

Wait as long as you possibly can while its in the fridge setting. Look at it and poke it a few million times. Yeah ok, its set now (about an hour) you can cut it into bars.
If you melt syrup with the butter you can make it with maltesers Image Image
And you can add chopped fudge, smarties and cover it with melted chocolate, drizzled with melted white and dark chocolate.

I like chocolate Image Image Image Image
Ooh hello just wanted to say I printed off some of the recipes on here this week. Made some fab doggy biscuits for my canine right hand man, and tried the skinny chips tonight - dumbstruck with the result.

All hail to you master carer chefs!
I see there's little interest in the healthy eating aspects of cooking at the moment.

I'll just go and sit in a corner and drool. Even if it is before breakfast... Image
Image Sorry, no I haven't, tried the microwave cake yet, but hope to try it in the next week or two. I have been making 'Soda Bread' it's quite easy, I have made, Cheese Soda Bread, and also tried a nice Orange Cinnamon and Raisin Soda Bread, the Cheese Bread turned out fantastic, and looked just like the one in the book. The Orange one, came out a bit doughy, although, I can eat it, Jan can manage a little, coz it tastes lovely, I will try toasting a slice or two, to see if that makes it nicer to eat . I have emailed the Baker who, published the recipe to talk about what went wrong, hope to get a reply next week. If anyone wants them, I will post these recipes.
Sorry, not swapping just looking for the best darn recipe for Yorkshire Pudding. So many recipes out there, some say 1 egg others say 4?
Don't want to make little one's want to make a large one for 4 people.
Sure there must be some good pud makers out there that won't mind passing on their recipe Image
nailtek,forget the recipe,1 egg per person,whisk them with a pinch of salt,then add the plain flour till it won't take anymore then add the milk till it coats the back of a spoon,whisking all the while,whisk it like mad before you put in the oven,never fails and you don't even have to wash the scales,don't forget the oil in the roasting tin needs to be red hot and nearly smoking for the initial whoosh.
Hi malc, thanks for the 'non' recipe.
Found I only had 3 eggs but used smaller tin Image
It did start to look like something from a bad 1950's 'B' movie but being so big does mean there's leftovers which isn't a bad thing, everyone loves cold pud surely Image
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