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Yeah, I'll have a slice of that Image
It counts as gluten free if I close my eyes while I eat it doesn't it?
Lets go with yes...
Lets go with yes...
Image Hurrah!
I don't normally like white chocolate but these are divine!

White Chocolate Blondies
hmmm, not meaning to sound thick but how big is a cup?
My coffee cup at work takes a pint!! Image Image

Might explain why I walk around looking like this:


these look lovely but i cant stand white chocolate, what do they taste like?.
Haha I think if you used a pint 'cup' you'd be in trouble! I have a set of measuring cups for doing US recipes but a lot of jugs you get in the UK with pints on are also marked in cups. You can get a set of measuring cups in Asda for £1.

Tracey I don't normally eat white chocolate but I do like these. They're sweet and like a brownie in texture (slightly heavier then sponge cake). I usually have a small square with cup of coffee so I guess the bitterness of the coffee helps to offset the sweetness. Of course the kids can eat large squares no problem but they have sweeter toothes then me!
Might have to try these, or get my son too as hes at catering collage, not that he every cooks at home.
The tastiest fish fillets (using slim, tail fillets)
Not so much a recipe, more a cooking style. Assuming you have this with potatoes, e.g.
whole new potatoes or cut up old ones:- Find a plate that fits well over the saucepan used
to boil the potatoes. Start boiling the potatoes in the usual way (i.e. with water and a lid).
When you think there's about 10 minutes to go before the potatoes are cooked. Rub the
plate with some butter, place the fillets on the plate and cover the fish with the lid. Place the plate over the potatoes, medium heat/simmering. Turn over, with a spatula, about 5 minutes later. This method retains the maximum flavour of the fish.

Another simple idea/treat. Melt some chocolate and dip fresh cherries into it! Divine!
This one of my favorites, and in plenty of time for Christmas.
No Cook Chutney: (makes about 5 jars)

1lb apples

1lb onions

1lb dates (can be very hard, try prunes if you can't get soft dates)

1lb sultanas

1lb soft brown sugar

1tsp curry powder

Salt and pepper

Three quarters of a pint of malt vinegar

Chop up peeled apples and onions, dates and sultanas by hand or in a food processor in mixed batches. To stop it getting too mashed up it's probably best to pulse the food processor until you see the right consistency.

Then place in a large bowl and add remaining ingredients.

Divide into several jars and leave for 3-4 weeks before enjoying.

How to sterilise jars:

Put clean jars (not lids) into a preheated oven on 160c for 10 minutes.
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