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Bertiebear mate you're weird
And I'm sure that's why you like me so Image
Takes one to know one Image
As promised here is my first recipe, tried it last night and it was delicious Image

White chocolate and oreo cheesecake:

300g oreo cookies
50g butter (melted)
600g soft cheese
2 tbsp plain flour
100g golden caster sugar
vanilla extract
2 eggs
300ml soured cream
200g white chocolate (melted and cooled)

Heat the oven to 180C/fan 160C/gas 4.
Pull apart the biscuits and scrape out the filling (discard or eat!).

Whizz the biscuits in a food processor, pour in the butter then whizz again. Press into the base of a 20cm springform tin and bake for 5 minutes, then cool.

Beat the soft cheese with the flour, sugar, a few drops of vanilla, eggs, the yolk and half of soured cream until light and fluffy.

Stir in the white chocolate and pour into the tin. Bake for 40 minutes and then check - it should be set, but wobbly in the centre. Leave in the tin to cool completely.

Spread the rest of the soured cream over the surface then chill for 2-3 hours or overnight.
I don't have a food processor Image

Basic Bread Recipe

500g strong white flour, plus extra for dusting
2 tsp salt
Sachet of dry yeast
3 tbsp olive oil
300ml water
1 tsp sugar optional

1.Mix the flour, salt, sugar and yeast in a large bowl. Make a well in the centre, then add the oil and water, and mix well. If the dough seems a little stiff, add 1-2 tbsp water, mix well then tip onto a lightly floured work surface and knead (I beat the hell of it it while swearing liberally, it makes for nicer bread, I also double the mix to bake two loaves at once). Once its not lumpy place it in a lightly oiled bowl. Leave to rise for 1 hour until doubled in size or place in the fridge overnight.

2.Line a baking tray with baking paper. Knock back the dough, then mould the dough into a ball. Place it on the baking paper to grow up for a further hour until doubled in size.

3.Heat oven to 220oC bake for 25-30 mins until golden brown and the loaf sounds hollow when tapped underneath.

before going into the fridge (this is a wholemeal loaf, you use 475g of wholemeal flour but otherwise is the same recipe)

out of the fridge

Second proving dones time to bakes


I reckon mixing it by hand (or whacking it with a rolling pin) will work just as well for the base of the cheesecake Image
Mate of mine used to wrap digestives in muslin and then whack 'em with a rolling pin - keeps the crumbs from bursting out all over the place. Unwrap the crumbs into a bowl and then add/mix in the butter...job done.
Breakfast pie - actually probably not for breakfast, perhaps it should be renamed as Brunch Pie!

Line a pie dish with pastry, leaving some for the lid.

At the bottom of the dish place a packet of softly cooked bacon cut into pieces.
break 4 eggs directly on top of the bacon (evenly around the pie). Try not to break them.
Mix a couple of eggs together with some single cream and a little seasoning. Pour the mixture into the pastry case.
Very carefully put the lid on to the pie!
Bake in a moderate oven (I usually do mine at 180 degrees, not sure if that is moderate but it sounded good)!

Tastes really good and you can see the whole eggs as you cut through the pie and it looks very professional!

The following isn't really a recipe in itself just a quick pudding!

If you make a basic victoria sandwhich mix (I usually do just 4 oz flour, sugar, marg and two eggs), add teaspoon of vanilla essence. Lightly grease two small pudding bowls and place, jam or syrup in the bottom. Divide the mixture between the two bowls. Place each bowl in the microwave separately for 3 and a half minutes and there you have it! Simply turn upside down onto a plate and serve with custard....

Now I'm off to the fridge!
Bell x
Why oh why did I read this post when Im feeling so hungry. I can smell and taste all those recipes and now I have just done a jam sandwich which is not good at this time of night but will definitely have a go at some of your lush recipes. Im no cook but if anyone wants to know how to boil an egg Im the person to call on Image Image Image

Thank you all xx
NannyPat...boiling an egg is an art form...I'm rarely successful!

Bell x
breads done Image who's hungry?


Yeah, I'll have a slice of that Image
It counts as gluten free if I close my eyes while I eat it doesn't it?
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