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Funny, but not at the time! - Carers UK Forum

Funny, but not at the time!

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Today I got home from working Christmas Eve to find....

Mum, 84, had chosen to reach up to the top shelf of the kitchen where she usually complains about not being able to reach, and had eaten the big Marks and Spencers mince pies I had planned for us to have after lunch tomorrow.

There are no words.

I think this was my face...


At least she will no want to much for Christmas dinner tomorrow. It is Christmas after all.
Just how many has she eaten???!!!
Did your Mum look anything like this? ;)
Haha! I love that dog picture Ayjay!

Ok I thought she'd eaten two, and they're enormous.

Turns out she ate one ... that was half our dessert if you see what I mean. It was a momentary aaaargghh! but now I can see it's funny. It's the biscuit tin syndrome isn't it! The temptation is too great!
Screenshot 2019-12-25 at 09.39.42.png
Wishing everyone a very peaceful Christmas : )
So, what’s the plan for pud today?! Half each? Or consequences-pud for Mum and a big mince pie for you?!

Hi Melly!

In the end we ate the present that was meant for a neighbour. She'll understand bless her!

Mum hid all morning. I was chuckling to myself especially as I'd immediately forgiven her 3 minutes after the initial discovery. Have to admit it was gloriously peaceful!

We had a lovely happy lunch and then watched the Queen's speech....all about small steps. A good day.

I hope it was the same for you : )
Glad your day went well and that you had some me time, whilst your Mum hid ( every cloud!)

Poor S was very poorly yesterday, barking cough, temperature etc - he even felt too poorly to be noisy! He rallied to open his presents but didn’t join me in jolly prep of meal as couldn’t stop coughing & felt terrible.

My younger grandaughter and partner are here from Falmouth. Poor partner very poorly. Paramedics, then a&e. Loads of illness's suspected. From sepsis to chest infection etc. He has influenza. Given tamiflu, pain relief and I think antibiotics
Discharged him at 2.30 am. B. Poor young man. Was so looking forward to my daughter's fabulous Christmas dinner.
I think we are all shattered today.
M isn't very well either, but at least he isn't hyperactive wanting to do a million things at once, so easier for me.
I know he's really feeling poorly if he wants pills and medicine.