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Recent / Ongoing Floods : My Thoughts Are With Those In The Doncaster Area - Page 3 - Carers UK Forum

Recent / Ongoing Floods : My Thoughts Are With Those In The Doncaster Area

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The human cost of the South Yorkshire floods - one month on.


A month on since South Yorkshire was hit by its most devastating floods in over a decade, affected communities are still coming to terms with what happened with latest figures revealing more than 1000 homes were damaged by the unprecedented levels of rainfall many of which are still uninhabitable today.

As the rain hit hard on November 7, water began spilling into homes with families facing a race against time to move what belongings they could out of the reach of the rapidly rising water as they retreated upstairs.

Others had to leave their homes or wait to be evacuated.

Communities in Bentley and Fishlake in Doncaster were the worst hit with homes and businesses destroyed in minutes.

A volunteer at St Peter’s Church in Doncaster said: “One man told me that he’s been thinking about just driving into a brick wall. His wife is at home just staring into space and not talking. They can’t cope with what has happened to them.”

Read more: 28 shocking photos of the flooding in Yorkshire
After the flood waters subsided, taking weeks in some areas, people are now assessing the damage and long-term implications and cost of making their houses homes again.

South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation (SYCF), a local charity, set up an emergency appeal the day after the flooding hit and has been working to provide financial relief to affected households. Beginning with £200 blanket payments to help families with immediate needs, soon larger payments will be available to help those now dealing with repairs to their homes.

SYCF ran a similar appeal in 2007 and raised almost £1.6 million at that time to distribute out into communities.

This time around the charity has already raised just under £500,000 and is continuing to distribute funding to affected households.

Ruth Willis, Chief Executive of SYCF said the charity has had an “incredible response” to its appeal with people being extremely generous.

She said: “Our work on the flood appeal and supporting people will continue into the long term and we are doing our best to raise as much money as possible as for many the cost of the clean up and repairs their homes need is unfortunately going to be high, whether they are insured or not.

“What was particularly troubling was that she also has lung disease and has no other option but to continue living in her home despite the damp, which is a huge risk to her health.

“So many people, who are still reeling from the floods are incredibly vulnerable. The community efforts on the ground are truly amazing and humbling but we need more support and more resources for everyone impacted. I can’t overstate how important it is that we raise as much money as possible so we can help as much as we can.

As Christmas draws ever closer, volunteers across South Yorkshire are organising numerous Christmas parties and dinners to try and provide some relief to families as they deal with the continued disruption the floods have caused.

Anyone who wishes to support victims of the recent floods can also donate to the South Yorkshire Disaster Relief Appeal with a special Just Giving page set up for those affected.
Fishlake flood : Villagers prepare for a different Christmas.

Fishlake was evacuated in early November after the nearby River Don burst its banks, flooding the village in South Yorkshire. Six weeks on, how are things looking for the people who had to leave their homes ?

https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-s ... e-50836964

So much for a silent night.

Six weeks on from devastating flooding and houses in Fishlake still hum and drone with heaters, dehumidifiers and fans.

Many villagers will spend Christmas away from home, their houses uninhabitable after last month's floods

Others will mark the holiday in mobile homes, static caravans and campervans provided by insurance companies.


My thoughts are now with those in Kent and East Sussex ... a welcome to the flooding season ?

England weather : Towns and villages flooded after further rain.

Dozens of homes have been flooded and villages left under water after parts of England were again deluged by persistent rain.


The Environment Agency has issued 78 flood warnings for the South, the Midlands, the East and Yorkshire, meaning immediate action is needed.

The River Medway in Kent burst its banks and there is severe flooding in East Sussex.

Homes and gardens were damaged when a tornado hit Surrey on Saturday.

The Medway has flooded towns and villages including Maidstone, Yalding and Teston. Alfriston, in East Sussex, has been flooded.

Boris Johnson urged to overhaul flood defence funding or risk " Catastrophe. "

Regional leaders call on Boris Johnson to act as Kent and East Sussex are hit by flooding

Interesting ... flooding in the True Blue heartland ... things will move quickly now ?

There again , for every £ 1 spent in the South , 10p in the North Midlands and all points North to Hadrian's Wall ???

( River defences strengthened / deepened in the South ... sand bags for the North ? )
Boris Johnson under fire for not planning to visit flood-hit areas.

Lib Dem MP for Bath hits out at PM after rivers burst their bank.

BoJo has a lot to learn ... perhaps from a former p.m. ?


Perhaps not ?

Persimmon were the developers for that site proposed by DC.

Faulty houses coupled with the occasional flooding.
Communities in Calderdale " Traumatised " by 2015 floods.

Flooding on an unprecedented scale ravaged parts of the Calder Valley in West Yorkshire during Christmas 2015. Visually, the devastation has receded - but four years on many people remain traumatised by that catastrophic deluge.



"Every time it rains you can feel the tension," said Hebden Bridge flood warden Andrew Entwistle. "Especially when the sirens go off, you can feel the anxiety radiating from people, asking what the situation is and how bad it's going to get."

Back in 2015, the former firefighter was eating a late Christmas Day lunch when the flood alert was first sounded - signalling the start of heavy rain which led to the River Calder bursting its banks. Some 18 months later, the 76-year-old turned to counselling to help him deal with what he had witnessed.

He recalls: "I've been used to handling floods and disasters but this was on another level. One lady collapsed on the street in front of me. The stress levels and sheer amount of tragedy that unfolded is indescribable and those feelings don't just disappear."

A village near to Doncaster a few weeks earlier :


South Yorkshire flooding: Government cash for relief appeal.


https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-s ... e-50924076

The government has said it will give up to £1m to a flood disaster appeal in South Yorkshire.

The South Yorkshire Flood Disaster Relief Appeal was established after widespread flooding across the county in November.

It has already raised more than £500,000 and has begun to distribute cash payments to affected households.

The government said it would match funds raised by the appeal on a pound for pound basis up to £1m.

The appeal has begun making an initial £200 payment towards clean-up costs and repairs to all flood-hit residents.

Sheffield's City Mayor Dan Jarvis had called on the government to provide significant financial support to the region.
Inquiry ordered into insufficient insurance for flood-hit homes.

Environment secretary seeks another review, as flood victims promised further £1 million.

Ministers have ordered yet another review into why some flood-hit homes cannot get insurance and promised another £1m to help those affected after around 100 homes were hit over Christmas.

Theresa Villiers, the environment secretary, said she was commissioning an inquiry into why some flooded communities were unable to get sufficient insurance, despite an agreement between insurers and the government in 2015 that was supposed to mean everyone would have access to affordable cover.

Boris Johnson has been criticised for failing to visit any of the areas affected in the latest round of flooding. The prime minister spent Christmas in Downing Street with his partner, Carrie Symonds, and the pair are expected to fly to the exclusive private Caribbean island of Mustique to see in the new year.

Areas of southern England and north Lincolnshire are still at risk of groundwater flooding, with 88 warnings still in place and 100 properties having flooded since last Thursday.

Before that, 4,200 homes in South Yorkshire and surrounding counties were flooded during the election campaign in November.

Ministers said on Thursday that a charity that helps flood victims in South Yorkshire would get another £1m of funding, while other areas have been given £300,000.

Robert Jenrick, the communities secretary, said the flooding had been “devastating” but he praised the role of charities and volunteers in helping families whose homes have been ruined.

“But more support is still needed, which is why we’re matching money raised by the South Yorkshire Flood Disaster Relief Appeal Fund pound-for-pound, to help vulnerable people facing hardship to recover and get back on their feet,” he said.

There was a major review of flood insurance in 2008 and the government spent years in talks with insurers before reaching the Flood Re agreement in 2015.

But Villiers appeared to acknowledge there were problems with the system as she ordered another review.

“We have listened to communities that have been affected by flooding and understand just how important it is to ensure that everyone is able to access sufficient insurance cover,” she said.

“That’s why we will be reviewing insurance cover following the recent flooding to understand any lessons to be learned for the future.”

Earlier this month, Dan Jarvis, the mayor of Sheffield city region, said there were problems with Flood Re, the government-backed scheme that promised to provide insurance for domestic properties deemed at significant risk of flooding. “I don’t think this scheme has worked,” he said, suggesting that central government had a “moral duty” to help those unable to get insurance.

A milllion households now have buildings insurance that covers flood risk and the introduction of Flood Re has seen four out of five households with a previous flood claim getting price reductions of more than 50% for their insurance.

However, the recent flooding has seen reports of people not having sufficient insurance cover, which has triggered the latest review.

As well as reviewing insurance, Johnson has also faced calls to overhaul the system for deciding where flood-defence funding is spent and launch an emergency response unit to prevent a repeat of the catastrophic damage caused by the November floods.

The Environment Agency warned on Thursday that communities needed to remain vigilant.

Clare Dinnis, a flood duty manager at the agency, said: “While the weather outlook is improving, groundwater levels continue to rise after recent rainfall meaning that there is a continued risk of groundwater flooding in parts of southern England over the next few days.

“We continue to monitor rainfall and river levels closely and to operate our flood defences, reducing the risk of flooding to thousands of homes and businesses and helping to keep people safe. Our pumps also remain in place in Somerset where our focus is on reducing levels of water on Currymoor.

“Sadly around 100 properties have flooded since Thursday, but over 18,500 properties have been protected by flood defences across England.

“We advise people to sign up for flood warnings, stay away from swollen rivers and not drive through floodwater – just 30cm of flowing water is enough to float your car.”
And we complain about the weather over here ?

Try New South Wales in Australia :


Australia bushfires : towns devastated and lives lost as blazes turn the sky red.

Thousands shelter on beaches as fires rip through Victoria and New South Wales.

( Hendrix : Voodoo Child ... One new born was quoting as singing ... " The night I was born , the sky turned a fire red ... " )