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Recent / Ongoing Floods : My Thoughts Are With Those In The Doncaster Area - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Recent / Ongoing Floods : My Thoughts Are With Those In The Doncaster Area

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Penny ,if the tories had not cut,cut ,and cut again ,perhaps the local council might have the odd penny left over to do proper flood defences .
david c wrote:
Fri Nov 15, 2019 7:05 pm
Penny ,if the tories had not cut,cut ,and cut again ,perhaps the local council might have the odd penny left over to do proper flood defences .
I’m no expert but from what I’ve read these floods were not predicted and that area hadn’t flooded in at least 55 years.

Down here the councils do whatever they can WHEN high tides and strong winds are expected which is fairly often. They provide sandbags, they have flood defence systems in place and flood wardens advising people what to do and what precautions to take. They immediately open local school halls and community centres as evacuation centres. It’s a tried and tested routine.

However, in areas which DON’T normally flood it is a whole different matter and you couldn’t possibly do all this advance planning.
The Doncaster area has a history of flooding and ... last week ... the alarm bells rung AFTER the first wave of flooding ... Lincolnshire even worse.

( Only earlier today , Greenpeace reported on the number of new homes scheduled for the area !!! )

Here in downtown Worksop ... last flooded in 2007 ... we found out about temporary shelters / accommodation AFTER the flood waters receded ... sandbags arrived the following day to a chorus of derision.

As for financial resources ... a north / south divide ... both Doncaster and Worksop ... mainly Band A ( £ 875 - £950 p.a. ) ... both have CT arrears of close on 45% of all CT payers ... and higher unemployment than the average across the UK ... be hard to find any job paying more than £ 10 per hour.

Both local councils have only sticking plaster to treat gaping wounds.


https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... hilit=poor

Nearly all the austerity-era funding cuts to services supporting poor families have fallen in the most economically-deprived areas of England, potentially trapping them in a “downward spiral” of poverty, according to new research.

Council areas in the north and Midlands, together with a handful of local authorities in London, have shouldered 97% of the reductions in town hall spending on working age social care, looked-after children and homelessness since 2011, the study says.

Despite rising poverty, spending on disadvantaged families in the poorest 20% of English councils – mainly Labour-controlled - reduced by £278m in 2016-17 after successive years of cuts to central government grants.

By contrast the wealthiest 20% of areas, predominantly Tory-controlled and in the south-east, which were less affected by cuts to deprivation grant funding, were spending £55m more on services for poorer families by 2016-17.

“To the extent that there have been cuts in spending on disadvantage, they have happened almost exclusively in the most deprived areas of England,” the study, funded by the Lloyds Bank Foundation charity, concludes.

The foundation said it commissioned the study after several small charities it funds in the north of England reported that they were expected to deliver family and social care support services that their cash-strapped local councils had abandoned because they could no longer afford to fund them.

It warns that planned changes to the distribution of local government funding, which will see a deprivation-based funding model replaced by reliance on local council tax and business rates, will serve to lock in funding cuts in poorer areas unless a safety net is built in.
I live on a floodplain and my home might soon be under water - how do I make sure my insurer doesn't turn me away ?

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/bills ... r-for.html
Doncaster floods : The story from Bentley - panic turns to anger as resilient community rallies in response.

Panic, worry and devastation turned to anger as residents in Bentley look to try and rebuild their lives after floods devastated homes and businesses.

https://www.doncasterfreepress.co.uk/ne ... nse-925833


Pleas ,please let bojo visit Bentley ,.But he won't ,the only Bentley he is interested in in the make of car .

Caption might read :

" Well , we decided on more humane tactics ... we flooded those Labour Party voters out. "
Third time unlucky for Nottinghamshire’s flood-plagued towns.

Residents hit three times in 12 years say flood defences are protecting cities, not them.

https://www.theguardian.com/environment ... -forgotten

Excellent article with my manor , Worksop , featured prominently.
Sunk by the small print : Flood victims are shocked to discover their insurance is worthless... despite their insurers KNOWING they were at risk all along.

Around 1,800 properties are estimated to have flooded across the North.

Damage is expected to cost the insurance industry between £80m and £120m.

Insurance service Flood Re was set up to help those living in flood-risk areas.

But businesses and homes built after 2009 are not eligible for the scheme.

https://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/ ... laims.html

What you need to know about flood cover...

Can I still get cover if I live in a flood zone ?

Flood insurance is widely available to homeowners. Check policy details, and do not simply buy the cheapest one. You can see if you live in a flood zone at www.gov.uk/check-flood-risk.

How might an insurer try to catch me out ?

The Financial Ombudsman says disputes often arise over whether a flood is the cause of the damage, as most policies don't define what a flood is.

Other common areas of dispute include insurers offering compensation that does not cover a total repair bill, or offering an unsatisfactory replacement item, and homeowners not giving an accurate valuation of home contents.

What should I do if I am flooded ?

Do not throw away damaged property, keep receipts for any emergency repairs, and do not rush to redecorate, as drying out can take many months.

Ask your insurer about any flood prevention measures that can be taken. This can also speed up the time it takes to repair after a flood.

Will my premium jump if I claim for flood damage ?

Costings include multiple factors — not just flooding. The Flood Re joint initiative between the Government and insurers is designed to keep premiums affordable.

Those eligible also see their policy excesses — the amount they have to pay towards a claim — capped at £250. Previously, some people had to pay several thousands for repairs.

What can I do to lower the cost of my premium ?

Homeowners in areas at risk of flooding should shop around and contact brokers directly, using price comparison sites as an aide.

Homeowners can invest in flood defences, and businesses can reduce potential damage by putting stock high up and using tiles on the floor.

Yesterday, the Government announced flooded homes and businesses will be able to receive up to £5,000 for flood defences.

Worksop community's response to the floods was amazing.

" Tell me about it , squire. A case of physician heal thyself ... council not even seen let alone heard ! Piles of damaged goods and belongings scattered about , hoping that the
council will arrange clearance ... or a good Samaritan with transport for a pick up and delivery to the local waste disposal site ... which is currently overflowing.

High street remains a disaster zone , several shops still closed since Friday , 8 November ... shoppers not existent ... two more local pubs still closed ... library , main source
for anyone needing an Internet connect ... Universal Credit rolled out on the manor ... not reopening to the new year.

Yep , our response was truly ... amazing ? "