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Mobility Car

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Hi - need some advise please....I’m looking at changing my car to a wheelchair accessible vehicle....

Does anyone have experience of buying one. I’m after a slightly used one and have been on most of the manufactures websites who promote mobility but can’t see any used ones, only new.

My other option is a new one but will I have to pay for the adaptions and is the lead time long for a new one

Hope you can help ?

Linda x
Depending on what type of adaptions .. ramp powered tail gate etc.

The adaptions are really expensive and there is the maintenance costs. If looking for a used one this might take a while to find the already added adaptions.

The type of car it's size for any what which type of wheelchair scooter. The list goes on ...

Tie downs/straps to secure the equipment into the back of the car. I looked at one this year and gave up. All got to complicated.

That's not to say you should not investigate. Don't rely totally on garages or adaption companies for advice. You would need to be clear what you want from the off.

Ramp, lowered floor, tie downs, electric boot, and maybe tail gate. Can you manage a manual ramp etc. Do you want to still retain 5 or 7 seats.
Wheelchair accessible is more likely to be van based than car based, but the smaller vans drive just like cars nowadays and have all the refinements you may want. My van has air-con, cruise control, abs brakes, traction control, heated mirrors, etc etc

https://www.brotherwood.com/used-wheelc ... cles-wavs/

https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-search ... accessible
Outside of the conventions of the motability scheme it is a very niche market because as you know these vehicles are made to order and not mass produced, plus of the ones made they are done relative to the specifications of the server user (lots of different types of wheelchair/mobility aids out there)

You'll very rarely find something 2nd user exact to your requirements based on this plus it can be chancey taking on a used vehicle your counting on to work as intended/not have problems with. Unfortunately its another financial penalty for a circumstance out of the control of those it affects.
Not advertising but Allied mobility supply cars through the motability scheme, after the lease has ended, they fix/refurbish them and sell them as used cars usually about 3 years old.
RAC aproved dealer.

looking at the site lots of models/makes with ramps etc.
Cheers all.....Its given me few places to have a look at x x

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