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reborn dolls

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Sorry but I just think these things are creepy....the ones with their eyes shut look like dead babies!

Eun, I totally agree. My granddaughter has 2 of these dolls, boy and a girl, and both have their eyes shut. I always think they look like dead babies. They are weighted to feel like a real child and I find them very creepy. Not like normal dolls.
If you saw a grown man playing with - say - toy trains - you would probably think he was a bit odd.
Not that there is anything wrong with being odd: I defend the odd to my last breath.
But yes, to me, dolls and clowns, are both a bit creepy.
We discussed these dolls recently at our knitting group as people will pay huge amounts for hand knitted clothes for these reborn dolls, likewise knitting patterns sell for good money on Auction sites.

There was a programme on TV a couple of years ago about women who collect these dolls and treat them as their babies. Several of the women had lost babies or their children had left the nest and they felt something was missing.

I know of a severely disabled young woman who pushes the most lifelike reborn doll around in a beautiful pushchair and her Mum says that having the doll and all the accessories has opened up her life for her as she had no friends, little speech and now people come and talk to her about her "baby" and admire it's clothes and she loves going out now.
Penny, it's great that having such a doll has opened up that young woman's life.

As for clowns, I agree with Scally - they are creepy! I find circus clowns totally unfunny and just annoying, but there are plenty of people who love them and collect clown dolls. Each to their own.

I think there are some people who have obsessive tendencies and will tend to go overboard with whatever hobby/collection they're involved in, whether it be watching/playing sport, or collecting dolls/china/whatever. I've seen plenty of programmes about people who end up building sheds/extensions to accommodate their huge collections - that seems unhealthy to me.
This is what I like: British eccentricity. But there is a fine line between this and madness!
Odd garden in Glasgow
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And the driveway ... lol
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Hi im new to this forum and don't want to upset anyone. I have a vinyl reborn which I do buy clothes for. However I have 2 lovely boys 1adult getting married next year and 1aged 9yrs I only bought my reborn girl to give a reason to be able to buy girl clothes but I don't spend much on the doll usually either second hand (which I would never do for my boys) or extremely cheap generally no more than afiver per outfit, I agree to treat it as a real baby is over the top but said I have real babies all be grown but if I didn't how do I know how I would feel I do have thought occasionally about what it would be like to take my reborn shopping for baby girl clothes just once to see what it would be like
I think Little faith needs a respray ,she looks a little jaundiced .When i was very young i had an action man ,it only dawned on me a few years ago

I got the coward action man ,when i opened the box xmas day it was empty ,mum and dad said he had deserted .
Sorry for bumping...
I think it's different seeing them in person, they look creepier in photos

I actually have one of these dolls https://toyboxadvisor.com/most-realistic-baby-dolls bought as Z's "present from the baby" when I was pregnant. I got it from a friend of mine who does Rosebud Reborns and it was specially made to be toddler-tough(er) than otherwise. But Z LOVES it - far more than her other (completely unrealistic) doll - likes to have her reborn (which she just calls 'baby' ) tucked up in bed with her and will usually sleep with her arms around it - very cute!

I know they're not for everyone... but they are wonderful for others.
It's so difficult - deciding what is 'normal range' behaviour, ie, even if 'eccentric' and what tips over into downright 'nuts' (to use the vernacular, hey ho!)

BUT, with these particular dolls, I don't think it is the dolls themselves, it is who has them and why.

Nicola/s (I'm assuming female, as you said you were pregnant!) (though in thse trans-obsessed days we can't assume anything any more, even more hey ho hey ho!), the way you describe it seems lovely, actually! I can well understand that a toddler would prefer a more 'life-like' doll to be 'mummy' to....just as you are now mummy to (another) baby. It doesn't seem in the slightest emotionally unhealthy for her to want to imitate you (any more than those 'My First Kitchen/Garage' sets kiddies get!)(whether for boys/girls or both is up to them!!!!)

I also think that the tale, from a little earlier, of the young woman with special needs finding it easier to take out the pram with her reborn doll in it, is, again, perfectly emotionally healthy given that particular situation.

And, yes, I can find it perfectly understandable that a woman who has lost a baby to miscarriage, still birth, or other tragedy could so easily find solace in a reborn. After all, don't we cherish the photos and momentos of those we love and have lost?

After that, though, I guess any psychiatrist would start to question just why an adult has a reborn, and if they do, can it ever be emotionally healthy?

In a way, illogically, we can find it easier to accept an anthroposisation of an obviously inanimate object - cars, boats, machinery - that is clearly NOT alive, and never was and never will be and does not seek to mimic anything alive.....we give our cars names, call boats 'she' etc etc (though I think the boat of a female should be a clear 'he' - unless they're LGBT of course!!!!!!) (the boat/car OR the human!!!!!!)

Maybe it's because if it's an inanimate object we 'know' it is NOT 'alive', and that is a safeguard for us, but with a reborn, it is designed to mimic life, and that is more 'dangerous'.

Does anyone remember that VERY 'spooky and disturbing' film, AI, where a bereaved couple bought an android boy to 'replace' their dead son? It was a really, really upsetting film, on all sorts of levels, including evoking immense compassion for the boy, and the other androids. But, again, in that instance, the issue was really 'what makes us alive/human'. Reborns are NOT bought to BE human, only to mimic it - but then, maybe that is what androids are (will be) for as well??

The issue extends to things like that wretched Alexa and kin - personally, I'd bloody throttle her and chuck her into the compost heap.! But perhaps that is 'cruel'?????????

Whatever the cause of our reactions to Alexa, androids and reborns - and cars and boats! - it must definitely point to some profound aspect of our human mentality and emotionality......