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Re: When is a pie not a pie?

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Confession time.... I am a huge fan of Frey Bentos steak & kidney pies. But they only have that flaky pastry on top.

Having said that, I was recently given this tart thing to eat... it was delicious; not in the slightest bit soggy.
You have to bake the pastry blind. That means you cook it first (I think) by lining the pastry with beans.... sounds lie an awful lot of trouble for nothing to me.... I'd much rather have the stuffing!

But the pastry WAS goooood!!!!!
Yep, I do like a soggy bottom, pastry soaks up all the juice/gravy and flavours. Yum.

By the way, there's a Shropshire Fidget Pie, made of pork and cider and apples and pastry!
I like the steak and kidney one. With a great big cloth. And the excess suet was placed on a plate, that mum would cut into triangles, and serve with golden syrup... yum!
I usually eat them at football matches. For vegetarians, there are usually macaroni pies, but I did find a rather fancy veggie pie at Hampden Park recently, which was very tasty.
Our local bakers have a very peppery traditional scotch pie, then a variety of quiche like fillings and macaroni cheese but without the pastry on top for vegetarians. They do a steak pie in two formats, one in an oval foil for soggy bottom lovers and the other in a traditional pie crust with round top on it.

With all these different pies coming out of the woodwork I think James Martin would have a new book in no time................Pies around Britain. xx
Mum used to make a corned beef, tomato and onion pie which is still No1 on my hit list !

Shortcrust pastry top and bottom, filled with layers of corned beef, tinned tomatoes and chopped onions. For many years (until she forgot how to make it) it was always my birthday 'treat'.

Sajehar - my Mum's shortcrust pastry was the type that would melt in your mouth, she was a fantastic baker :D Unfortunately I haven't inherited her talent :roll:
Thanks very much. Now I want a pie!!

Have not eaten one for years but like Nananana, I do love a soggy bottom. Those other things, in my opinion, are stew with a pastry hat.
Well said, Anne, I like that. Stew with a hat.