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NEED SOME SLEEP! - Carers UK Forum


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of all the things you take for granted and all the things you wish you could have...

a ' full nights sleep' was one that i didnt think i would be wishing for!

3hours sleep, 9 hours sleep in 3 nights!
it reminds me of when i was younger going out on wild nights out with friends or staying up all night with my special one.

the only difference is now im a full-time carer and im now no longer younger being 34 yrs old!

my head/body im sure with time will adapt... :D
Hi Jon,

yes, you might 'adapt' to lack of sleep, but sleep is important to allow our bodies and minds to recover from a busy day !

When Mum was alive I was often 'up and down' all night long - she had Alzheimer's and her body clock was totally out of whack with everyone else; she lost all sense of night and day and I'd often find her wandering around the house in the middle of the night and then she'd often nap/sleep during the day. I got into the habit of 'napping' whenever she did (as long as I didn't have anything else important to see to) so that over a 24 hour period I got enough sleep !
Hi Jon,

Sleep deprivation is the worst, no wonder it is used as a method of torture.

Is your caree needing you more at night or is your mind keeping you awake?

It is SO much harder to cope when you've not had enough sleep.

i would agree it does seem a abit like torture!

its strange because was im in to my day, i dont seem that tired, only my legs.
its just when i have to get up 3 times during the night, my head/body says its tired.

my care is a day/night thing!

toilet needs during the night and everything that a carer has to do during the day!