Re: Still here

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Hi Gang,
Just to let you know that ............................................ yep, I'm still here!

Still waiting, but they say that all good things come to those who wait.

Thanks for your email, Susie, hope you've managed to get out into the garden now that the weather has been calmer recently. Just hope it stays that way for a bit longer.

Off to lunch now, hope you're all ok.
Good to see you back, Fran!
Always lovely to see you Fran Image
Good to see you. How have you been?

Still the buyers haven't moved in yet.
Starting my new life now. Not fully moved in here yet, but basically only go back to old place once or twice a week at most, to maintain it and collect post, do garden etc. It's not my home any more, this is.
Just popped by to say hello.
Hey!! A name I remember from when I joined! Image
I'm still here too. Kinda. Image
After all these months, I think it was October when my buyers decided to make me an offer, they've only now decided to have a survey done. Next Tuesday. Two 'moving' dates have been and gone and only now do they have the survey booked! Hey ho............
Talk about mess you about Fran!! Thats outragious!

Glad you've moved now and your new life will soon be in full swing.
Your horseshoe is in the Grenadines now looking after our Wendy and Ian in their yacht Silver Slipper. Image

Happy Days Fran xxxxx
Good to see you
My word, Pete. Not had one of my horseshoes travel that far before.