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Re: Moving

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Hello All,
Just popping by to let you know that I move on Friday 31st January.
I am fine, still with my friend, who is giving me more support than I could ever thank him for, but feeling scared and sad about next week. The finality of it all really that's getting to me. Once I get moved properly, I'll feel better and back on track hopefully. I guess you understand, especially Susie.
Just letting you know.
Love and hugs to you all, friends.
Hi nana - good to see you again
Good luck with the move
Good luck with your move, I can imagine it is scary! Changes are always an upheaval, I am sure it will be lovely for you. Image..keep us posted! you will be fine! (((huggy wuggies))) xxx
Hello NanaNana - been thinking about you all day today (how scary is that Image ) and wondering how you are ? Was going to email you later to check everything was OK Image

Good Luck with the move Image Just make sure you pack the kettle, milk, teabags, biscuits. mugs etc separately and put them in your car last thing - then they can be first out when you get to the new place Image Trust me you won't have time to think about the finality of moving from the bugaloo for quite a few weeks, it's amazing how long it takes to unpack and find new homes for all your stuff (I'm still re-organising cupboards and drawers six months down the line Image )

When you get settled let us know and pm me (or email me !) your new email address if it changes !
Good luck with the move my friend, lots of emotions. Looking forward to seeing more pics of the grandchildren. love n hugs from me. x x
Hi Nana,
It's going to be a long week for you. Allow yourself to feel sad sometimes this week, perhaps not sad exactly, more time for reflection on the things that have happened there. It's been a real roller coaster ride for you in recent years. The future is looking bright, and you are so lucky to have found someone who cares for you so much. Come and say Hi to us again when you've moved and settled in.
Good luck with the move, hope it all runs smoothly.

GL!!!! I have always seen the positive rather than sadness when moving myself - but I know how hard it can be for people who are not 100% sure they want the change. Dad would never have considered moving, not even to a different place in the same road, for example - he was 60 years in this one house... Yet I have moved double digit times - including overseas and back - and not had a problem. Susie gives you the best -make sure you have a few comfort items as the first things to unpack!I would add take you time and try to enjoy the positive side to setting up a new home - and take photos of the old place before you pack/leave, so it is less painful to walk away from memories you can't take in another form.
Hi Nana,
Lovely to hear from you.
Very best wishes for the move, let us know when you've settled in the new place?
Good luck with the move Nana, though I'm sure you won't need it. It's always a little sad to leave somewhere you've loved being, but as with anything you love you take it with you in your heart. Bright, shining and frozen in time, so you can open the door in your mind and walk there any time you need to...................from your bright, shining future Image