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Did anyone see Who do you Think You Are? Last night with Una Stubbs????? Her great-grandad was Ebeneezer Howard, the guy who built Garden Cities in Hertfordshire, segregating factories, green spaces, housing, schools, hospitals etc etc.?????? Letchworth was the First 'prototype' he built (Welwyn was the second, he built) and I come from Letchworth.
I didn't realise she was related to him.
Hi Nana, I started to watch it then had a serious case of heavy eyelids and went to sleep!!
The senior school I attended was opened by him and has a plaque on the front wall. Is now a private apartment building, with gated access points no less. Have I sent you these before? Anyway, here they are again!


I watched it and hadn't realised that she was related to him. What a shame that she didn't meet her Paternal Grandparents, especially as they knew about her career and were really proud of her.
Loved the photo's of your senior school, thank you!
What really struck me, as it seemed to Una, was the amazing coincidences. Her grandad working for Rowntree's in York; Rowntree being a colleague of Ebenezer Howard in housing reform. Howard building Welwyn, where grandad retired; Una starring as the face of Rowntree's Dairy Box in 1955. The sad bit was that he may have been watching her film the ad, certainly she didn't know he was there, probably he didn't know who she was.
Fascinating series ahead I think.
I find the whole series totally mesmerising, the way lives wind around and around.
It's one of my favourites too. When I couldn't walk well I spent many happy hours engrossed in family tree research. Boxes of research are now waiting to be written up in coherent fashion for future generations. It's no wonder I love the countryside, there's not a city dweller amongst them. I know where my love of needlework comes from; and my husband's family all have large hands! My biggest regret is that I never wrote down the things which my grandmother told me about her large family when I had the opportunity.
Mark got a long way back with both of our trees. Shame isn't it? Didn't really have any interest when we were younger. Now we want to know and there's nobody much around to ask anything of. And those who are still around, can't remember.
A long line of Chapmans and Youngs on hubby's side and a load of Butterfields on mine. Yorkshire, around Leeds, is saturated with Butterfields, it seems to this day!
My grandmother's family came from Yorkshire too, millions of Wrights with similar Christian names going back to the 1500's, one was involved in the Gunpowder plot.
I've been doing my family tree for many years and find it fascinating. I'm back to the 1500's on my Dad's Maternal side and have located 2nd cousins that I hadn't known about when I was growing up, but they are now my best family support even though we haven't met.