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christmas master plan

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My last few Christmas times have been challenging, I only managed to do it all by way of lists, which have elvoved into my Master Plan. We have mainly the same food, so starting with the menus (a bit OTT printed with poinsettia edging! I wrote up all the ingredients needed, in sectios for bakery, veg, etc. Then I duplicated the list on screen, and called the second one my cross off list. As things arrived, via Tesco online, the items would be deleted on screen. There's something very satisfying about a shrinking list. This is now Year 3, it is more or less perfected, most non perishables now here. I also do a countdown list, the master kept safely for next year. My house smells lovely tonight, cake just out of the oven. Tomorrow, I'm making my mincemeat, Thursday the cheesecake, etc. As mum was so ill last year, all my preparations were squashed into 9 days, so it's all easier this year.
I'm going for the ba humbug approach. Just Dad and I , Dad won't want to eat much and will moan whatever I do. Working in the morning and escaping briefly to brother in the evening.
I told the "live well" lady helping me to lose weight how I always over stock for Christmas, no one eats it and I have to chomp through it all well into the new year. She told me not to buy any Christmas food until after she rings me again in mid December so I haven't. My cupboards are Christmas free :lol:
Henrietta, both my sons will be here for Christmas. Eldest is 6ft 4in tall, M is about 6ft 2". I'm by far the smallest at 5ft 10in! I've always made my own things for Christmas, mincemeat is so easy to make without the sickly sweet syrup you get in bought mince pies. I make about 72 pies, freeze them raw in their tins, then cook as needed. Traditionally we have the last at Easter. M always makes a chocolate house cake, with Cadbury fingers as logs on the roof. Rather than xmas pud, we have a cheesecake. M tells everyone we have "scraps" at Christmas, as we have cold ham, chicken, cheeses and biscuits with a range of salads, rather than cooked food, once Christmas Day is over. I once lost a few pounds at Christmas. My OH was working, so I sewed, just had a slice of cake if I was peckish. So there IS such a thing as a Christmas Cake diet! Only works if you can lose track of time with your sewing machine though!
So glad to hear that someone else uses a "master plan"! Mine has been running now for more years than I care to remember and includes Christmas card lists, food and other items to buy, how to decorate the house and also my daughter's and mum's birthday as they both fall within a couple of weeks of Christmas. Early in January (whilst everything is still "fresh in the mind" it gets a little tinkering for the following Christmas.

It makes an appearance around the end of October each year so that non-perishable food can be bought a little at a time during the twice-weekly shop so that by the time Xmas arrives most stuff is already tucked away (although I have found, from bitter experience, that it's NOT a good idea to buy the chocolates and savoury nibbles too early otherwise they get dipped into and you have to buy a second lot!).

We also have a pretty much "set menu" for the Christmas period - hey, it's the only time of the year when I don't actually have to sit staring at the shopping list pad wondering what the heck to cook for the coming week!