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Re: Disco for Adults with Special Needs

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Do you think the DJ with LD should be allowed to play his,own music, for the LD Clubbers without complaint from the Support Workers? Vote now
Absolutely. There is no justification in anyone intervening other than those he is entertaining. My son has SLD in some areas, but is still capable of many things. The staff trying to get their own way could be accused of bullying. That's abuse of a vulnerable adult, a potential offence!
Definitely. The only people influencing his selection should be the LD disco goers.

Yes, of course. It makes me angry to think the LD people get this disco and then it's changed against their wishes. Is there no one in a position to discipline the support workers, who are after all there to support, not to impose their own wishes. And in any case, they can go to their own disco in their own free time!
Since when did support workers think they are superior or mentally better than those with Learning Disabilities?

As one of my friends says, it's a nasty little form of control and bigotry. In my opinion, bullying, disrespect and abuse & to do it to the vulnerable is the lowest of the low.
Yesterday Friday 27 November it was the turn of the Support Workers to play their music. However, they had problems with their iPad, so DJ Sam got to play HIS music, Sam saves the day!
I really don't get why the support workers get to choose their music some weeks, the disco isn't for them, they are paid to support those with special needs.

:lol: :lol: :lol: though that they had technical problems and special needs DJ got to bail them out.

Yesterday Friday 4 December it should have been the turn of DJ Sam to play his music, but the Support Workers decided to play their music. I was told, the dancefloor was empty, so the Support Worker had to eat humble pie and ask Sam to play HIS music

Good old Sam to the rescue again, the Lord is telling these people Sam needs to play HIS music every week! :-D :-D :-D
Good news, Hazel! It sounds as if it's sorting itself out. Let's hope so.