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Re: Disco for Adults with Special Needs

Socialise and chat about other areas of your life
OK getting on my soapbox for a rant and a moan...every Friday I take my sister to Liquid/Envy, Leicester between 1-4pm as she loves music and socialising and making friends.

The adults with Special Needs are some of the sweetest, loving non-discriminatory non-judgemental people in this world. Even my Dad joins us, you are never too old to go Clubbing!

My sister has made lots of friends and it takes her mind of her troubles and helps her to heal.

A DJ there who also has Special Needs and offers his time for free recently played some music of his own choice, which I thought was fantastic, as it gave him happiness and confidence.

However, the support workers who get paid to sit on their backsides gawping at everyone complained about his music, they prefer to listen to songs like music man, Barbie girl, etc, music that patronises adults with Special Needs.

I like to treat LD people as equals and they are not the DJ that guy is.

Moreover I join in the,dancing and they do not.
I hope the DJ continues to play the music the LD clubbers like. It really is not up to the care workers. i think it helps when the care workers are of a similiar age to those they support.

Our Friday line dance teacher, has an hour session for Special Needs dancers, before our class starts. She plays the same music as we dance to, it's no different.
Who do these support workers think they are? Music is the same for everyone or maybe I should tell my 3 year old granddaughter NOT to sing along to Oasis or Olly Murs????
Yesterday, the Special Needs DJ played 70's music fron 1:00-2:00pm and the dancefloor was packed! No empty spaces! Then 2. Male Support Workers complained about the music again, despite the dancefloor being packed.

The DJ has a heart of gold he had a Krispy Kreme Doughnut & Latte, with us, he has issues with his weight, and some people I noticed people try to bully him, just like the Support Workers do.

It doesn't bother me, as I look at the beauty of the person inside, but he needs to increase his self-esteem by playing music of his choice not being controlled.

I wrote to the Chief Executive and passed my letter to the DJ and the Support Worker wanted to read it!!!!
None of his business.
Hazel, the support workers need to understand that the clue is in the title of the event...the disco is really popular (my son doesn't go to this one but to an evening one) and the fact is that the DJ is a part of its popularity.

Or, put another way....the workers need to remember why they are there.
Some of these support workers are useless aren't they? My DD has had a few PAs now who accompany her on outings and they start off OK and put her needs first but they very soon start to put their own needs first. Like doing their own shopping, going to places they're interested in and wandering around the shops to make their hours up.

DD tells me so I am usually able to keep on top of things but some people with special needs aren't quite so vocal so would just put up with it and say nothing.

I guess you could speak to the DJ and say how much everyone enjoys the music he plays and if any of the support workers say anything I would have no hesitation in saying "just remember who these discos are for .... And it's not you!" :lol:

I'd also get in touch .... Again with the club that organises this because they should be aware and really should have replied to you. I'd just ring, rather than write.
I'm assuming your sister pays to attend these discos so she is being short changed if her needs aren't put first. Let us know how you get on!!
Yesterday, Friday 13 November the Special Needs DJ was banned from playing the music he painstakingly prepared On his laptop, at 1:00pm

I arrived at 2:00pm the DJ was upset, he told me the Support Workers wanted to play "their" music, and he looked hurt, angry and about to cry, whilst the male and female Support Workers gloated in victory.

I asked the Manager what happened to the DJ'S music?

He later told me the DJ could play his music on alternate weeks, but nobody told him!

And the Manager told me last week that it was my "perception" the DJ was being bullied!
I am still reeling at the DJ with Learning Disabilities was treated on Friday 13 November.

Nobody told him that he could play his music on alternate weeks, until I questioned the Manager.

He was so upset, I could tell he was fighting back tears.

Is this the way those that are employed to care, want to make someone who not only has a learning disability, mobility problems and is morbidly obese feel?

Carers see beyond the superficial and see how God sees, they see the heart and I have seen how people pass nasty comments about his size.

Not only that the LD DJ should have transport as he walks a few paces and stops and coughs.

Music is his joy, he comes to life and blossoms, but when he is bullied and criticised by the Support Workers, he goes into his shell. It is the only happiness he has, what quality of life has he got?

He also likes making people,happy.

Maybe God wanted us to fight his corner, I will not stand by and see someone being bullied and abused this way.

He is a human being who deserves love, Care and respect.
Sounds to me like a new venue for the disco, needs to be found. One where the DJ and the LD disco goers are supported to play and dance to the music they like. Might not be a nightclub, perhaps a community church hall etc

I am sure that a lot of churches and church halls, would welcome the revenue and respect the beautiful people with Special Needs as well as the DJ