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Is there a forum part where I can just rant and let off some steam? you know get things off my chest. I feel like I just need to write somewhere without the family seeing it.i don’t want them to find and read something I have written out of anger or frustration and come to regret it later on. I’m not even looking for anyone to reply, I just need an outlet where I won’t be judged, and have a safe place to just bloody have a rant/moan and not worry about it.:)
If your real name is Dean, then change this to something different.
Then rant away, making sure you tell us what is going on that needs you to vent.
Clearly something has to change, if you are feeling bad.
Unfortunately nothing can change, unless my caree suddenly becomes cured over night. I don’t always feel bad, but when I do i have to bite my tongue and pretend all is good, when really I just want to tell everyone to **** off.
10 years of caring, Im not the person I used to be, and can’t be the person I want to be. Tired of it, fed up, another year starts again, another year of bullshittery to come, what crap lies ahead I wonder. I never used to suffer with anxiety, now all I do is wait for the bad crap to happen, living with trying to anticipate everything and anything is ******* exhausting.
Second week into jan 2022. Couldn’t do much for me sons 12 birthday, feel terrible. court summons from council, in overdraft, getting charged every time, no ******* money, tv license want Paying, water people want money and to fit a ******* meter, for which I know they won’t be able to fit. Housing want to refit the kitchen, should be a good thing, but that’s just all gona be another shit storm because all I want them to do when they do it is to make one side low so my wife has something to use and can try and make a drink for herself, but oh no, we gota get an OT for that, “have you thought about a grant to have the whole kitchen done” . Urrrgh. Yes we have thought about but I’m not waiting another ******* 3 years for someone to just update the kitchen for which my misses won’t be able to use fully anyway. Is it to much to ask? See that work top? When you fit the new one just drop it 6 inches for fucks sake.
Day 1 rank over, lol. Feel better already. :)
It shouldn't take 3 years to have a "Disabled Facilities Grant" from the Council to have a disabled friendly kitchen. Last year, I stayed in a self catering cottage which had some worktop which would go up and down at the touch of a button.
Get that OT assessment under way. Councils allocate a set amount for grants every year, the financial year starting in April, so now is a very good time to get that underway.
Ring our helpline for a confidential financial review.
We’ve already had a grant, they did the downstairs wet room 3 years ago. They said then we can’t apply for another grant for at least 5 years. I’m well aware of the procedures of what in entails, which is why I can’t be arsed with it all. My house is a shithole and I can’t live in this shit state no more, cluttered house, cluttered brain is my moto, well it’s actually tidy room, tidy mind, but flipped it There. I’m desperate to sort the house out and make it nice, I wanna feel a bit more house proud so I’m not living like a ******* tramp, it’s embarressing, but I’ve wanted to do this for years and something always happens where it never gets done, so why should this year be any different. I need them to just do what they gota do with the kitchen, and not have me suggest anything where it can delay them doing it again. I had already spoken to them, and they said they were going to speak to our OT, and arrange a meeting with whoever the **** that is these days, and you know what? They did **** all. Sorry, if this come across as rude, my abrasive attitude is directed at all the bullshittery I have to deal with and not you, I know your being helpful and I’m gratefull. Caring has just turned me into a miserable arsehole im afraid.
The best place to rant is under the Members' Area, as that is hidden from non-members. It's the same place the roll call goes so no one "outside" can see it and you can rant or moan or tell stories that might upset family to your heart's content.