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Training for residential home carers - Carers UK Forum

Training for residential home carers

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Hi there.
my name is Rebecca and I am hoping to get some feed back regarding possible training for carers.
As part of the government health agenda, avoiding hospital admissions and assisting patients to receive excellent care in the community has become a large part of our roles as community nurses. We are in the process of developing specialist long term condition nurse teams for community care.
These teams are going to be providing education and support for patients, careers and care home staff.
During my current role as a tissue viability link nurse I have been providing educational sessions to residential care home staff regarding pressure ulcer prevention. This training has had great feed back and we have seen an increase in referrals for assessments of at risk patients. This is great as this is enabling us to prevent sores rather than treating them.
The feed back from these carers has been that they would appreciate training on other subjects such as

Falls prevention
Identifying chest infections and urinary tract infections
Linking assessment tools with identifying changes/deterioration in patients conditions and making appropriate prompt referrals
Continence advice

I'd be interested in any ideas regarding training needs. As carers we are relying on your input to develop a great learning package.
Rebecca (community nurse)
Do you mean that you would like to hear from care workers what they would find useful in their training? Or do you want to hear from voluntary carers what we think care workers aught to be trained in?

If its the first one then Im afraid that we cant help as this is a forum for non-paid voluntary carers who are caring for their family or friends. If its the second one, then I think you will probably get a lot of ideas.
I have kept mum out of residential care for nine years. However after 5 months in hospital following urinary sepsis, she has gone into a nursing home for the rest of her life, as she has now lost her ability to walk. The catheter care went from appalling to non existent whilst she was living at home, recurrent UTI's followed. The District Nurses in our area have a call centre service, as a user this meant I left messages for a nurse with someone who hadn't had a nurse's training. Hopeless. The other problem is that in my area, there is no emergency night cover. There is supposed to be evening cover up to 10.30 for emergency carers, but in practice, all you get is the answerphone. Then no one is in the office until 9am next morning. So in effect, the only cover is dialling 999 and getting an ambulance. I've lost count of the times I've driven to mum's in the middle of the night to meet the ambulance. Mum and I are on Christian name terms with some of the paramedics. This lack of night cover problem is acknowledged by everyone, from the geriatrician downwards. It's not a need for training, it's a need for bodies on the ground. Then if someone is elderly and living alone, and suddenly sick, or develops diarrhoea, and can't get to the loo in time due to disability, they can be helped to stay at home.
Hi Rebecca,

Just to add to what Crocus said, this is a forum for unpaid carers who look after older, ill or disabled family and friends.

Can you clarify if you are interested in training for paid care workers or for unpaid carers?