Wet room - blocked drain..any advice?

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This morning I cleared the shower drain of it's usual mess (hair, greasy muck from the emollient someone has to use for their skin condition) and all the rest of it. I took out the filter and gave it a scrub then noticed daughter swilling water down the drain while the filter was off. She said she always does it that way, I thought it shouldn't be done that way ie without the filter in place.

Anyway, not feeling too good (temp) so went to get another shower. Head full of conditioner and I realise I am paddling in a pool of water that isn't going anywhere.
I have taken the cover off again, the drain is clear in as much as the filter is clear but when I put it all back together again, the water is still not draining.

I have got a dripping wet bonce and a face like thunder Image . Any ideas on what the problem could be or how to fix it? Would drain cleaner be any good?

Ta x
It could be that things have gone down it that shouldn't when daughter was swilling it minus the filter and it's now clogged and blocked round the bend where you can't see it.
Mr. Muscle might do it.....or a plunger if you have one big enough to make a seal round the hole.
Ah, thanks missus. Going to Homebase later anyway so will pick some up. I know what I would like to do with that plunger though..kids always think they know best! Image
Hope it works, otherwise it'll be the plumber............. Image
Hmmmm. We don't have a filter on our wet-room plug'ole. Just a plastic drain cover thingy.

However, when we used to have a walk-in shower in the house we lived before we moved, the shower tray was constantly filling with water due to a blocked plug'ole from kids hair etc. We used to just pour some Sink Unblocker stuff from Tesco and leave overnight. It always did the trick. I'm sure Mr Muscle would do the same job.

Any luck Ladybird?
We had this a few times - Mr Muscle/similar did the trick.
Mix of bicarb and white vineger
Pour Bicarb down and then vinegar or mix in a plastic bottle and when it fizzs point down plug hole.
Prob here with very hard water,ruined kettles,coffee machine in a few months plus blocks drains.
We use this and works everytime
Just make sure its a plastic bottle as expansion is rapid
Sorry, forgot about this post! Gary, we do have the same cover wotsit that you are talking about, but when you unscrew that there is like a trap/filter underneath. It usually catches most gunk but I still need to clear it about every 4-5 weeks.

The Mr Muscle did the job no problem and with a very satisfying "gloop, gloop" sound! Image

Problem is, I have long hair and so does my daughter and while mine is quite fine, her comes out in handfuls, it is thick as well. A family member also has psoriasis and has to wash with this greasy cra..ointment which doesn't dissolve but goes all lumpy and 'orrible and you can get some idea of what went in the drain. All sweet smelling and gunk free now Image
Gary, we do have the same cover wotsit that you are talking about, but when you unscrew that there is like a trap/filter underneath.
Nothing underneath for us. We can even see down into the drainage through the cover, no filters.

Thankfully, ours is still draining fast no problems, 8 months on, never had to clean it yet.
(I bet it bluddy clogs up next week now I've said that!! Image )