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Putting out the story... - Carers UK Forum

Putting out the story...

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Hi everyone

Not been on for a while; dosn't mean to say nothing's wrong - far from it! But because of further hassle, I needed to take some time out. Sometimes you can get a bit over-stressed with yourself simply by trying to rationalise things out - and it don't always work!

Anyhow, I have decided to try and put my own story out there in the big wide world; I want to write a book eventually (not sure if anybody would want to read it, but one can try!). In the meantime I have produced a page on Facebook, and am asking people if they will 'tick and share' so that I get some feedback as to whether it's worth it or not.

So please, if you are on Facebook, would you kindly go to my page, and give us a tick! Just type in Justice for those with Learning Disabilities on the toolbar at the top of Facebook page.

Thanks everyone.

P.S. If you're not on Facebook, perhaps you know someone who might be - pass it on.
Just write it,its a bit like seeing a post saying "would you come to this event if you could ABC".
You get false feedback.
Sit down,plan the chapters,make some notes and start Image
I did and have a book,plus second and third in planning and a new bigger publisher plus in the finals of a national award
If i can you can
Good luck
Hi Hillside...why not start off on a blog. Plenty of scope there to write and write and you will be surprised at how many viewers you get. I personally would use a blog site such as Wordpress and then advertise on your Facebook page what you are doing.

good for you!

Bell x