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Private message

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Morning everyone
I've received a pm this morning from someone who says I will benefit if correspond with them. Obviously I will not be doing that. Just to make you aware you could receive one too
Actually had 2
I had 2 as well Pet !!

I've banned the sender.

(Unfortunately there is bo way that the mods can police private messages (because they are "private") in the same way that we police messages on the forum :(

Anyone receiving spam posts by pm should just delete them from their pm inbox without replying.
I've had three!

How do we delete them?
4 for me
For anyone else wondering how to delete aring how to delete a message, I've worked it out.
Go to bottom left, where there is a little box that says something like "Mark as important" but then there is a little arrow giving a drop down menu of one, "delete item". Then click in the box.

Despite being one of the longest serving members, I struggled to find this.
It would be much easier just to have a "delete" button!
I had two as well.

If you get any more please report them and then the mods can ban them and you can delete them.

to delete messages from your pm inbox tick the check box in the right hand column, then go to the bottom of the page.
Click on the "Mark/unmark as important" drop down menu and choose "delete marked"
Also had one (glad I wasn't "left out"!).

On other message boards that I use, you usually have to have made a minimum number of public posts before being allowed to PM. Is this the same here?
Unfortunately not Pennie.

I'll raise it again with admin.

I got one too. Obvious scam.