Predictive text howlers

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Just had
"us arrived late" got changed to "sardines ate"

What odd ones do you get?
Admittedly my typing is rubbish so I get lots
many, many years ago I worked for British Airways (BOAC as it was back in the dark ages !) and they were one of the first companies to install computers for reservations - all preset entries etc - but if your typed the word "rape" you got the response "invalid entry" :shock: :shock: :lol: :lol: :lol:
I'll fold rather than see that hand ... safest option ?

A couple more like that , and the rest of the poker school will be going 'ome in our underwear !

" Are carers exploited ? " always seem to come out as " Carers are exploited ! "

Must be the build in bot allied with the reality checker ?

Tried it a few times with " My beloved O's won't be relegated " ... still no joy ?

Just a faint chuckle and what sounded like " You've gotta be joking , squire ? "