Power of attorney issues

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We have power of attorney issues,we sent documents to relevant people everyone accepted one company won't accept it they have said needs to be signed by the solicitor not the company,this was done in 2009 we did not know we had to register it with people I've banks pensions well that all sorted now it's been registered with everyone,this company we dealing with have been so rude after explaining situation they was still insisting on speaking on father inlaw,we have resolved this got a fresh document and solicitor to verify it correctly just now dealing with this company that's first issue,second issue its a joint power of attorney between hubby and his auntie she needs to send her Id to them and it's proving difficult getting hold of her so the company won't do anything without her Id, my father inlaw is on end of life care now and so e finances need to be done before he passes the auntie is really not playing ball,this is no lie I have been trying to contact court of protection to see if it can be changed its constantly engaged been trying on and off since Feb I sent them an email said would respond in 5 days heard nothing,only option is to write them a letter really don't know what to do it would be far easier if hubby sorts all this out oh I sent messages to her in the week no pre,y hubby does last night she replays it's rediculous how does that help us.
Sounds a nightmare, Tracie. Is it sorted now?

Some issues are being sorted,as for the auntie office of public guardian told us to seek legal advice it will take to long for a deputy with court of protection.
That’s too bad to hear, I hope you are doing better. I would recommend hiring a solicitor to help you out in this difficult time. Probably with a professional at your side, you can sort this mess a lot faster and easier. You can avoid creating further rifts with your loved ones. The average cost of lasting power of attorney solicitors for hire will vary depending on the law firm. That’s why you have to be patient in contacting a lot of law firms for you to get the best deal out there. Good luck!

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