Power of Attorney........interesting points

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Chris From The Gulag wrote:
Wed Oct 17, 2018 6:34 pm
Can be daunting ... and expensive ... at times.

Government's own guidance on Certified P.O.As. :

I did this 4 years ago. The only people who needed a copy were the GP and the bank when I started to manage this for my parents. It’s tedious getting copies but worth it. The system has been changed to give more security to vulnerable elderly and prevent abuse. That’s why you no longer get just 1 page as one respondent did. It is a very powerful legal document so there does need to be protection. As my father can no longer write I am very glad I got signed copies when I did.
I hope this helps.
Kate B
Kate, I would think there must be 'other ways' to 'sign' than writing. What about people with quadriplegia etc etc, Or the illieterate?

Folk used to be able to 'make their mark' on a document and it was regarded as legal. Or a lawyer could confirm they have 'given asseant' to something, in whatever way they can? These days, some kind of 'electronic signature' should surely be available - you can sign tenancy leases that way, I know, as my son did!

The issue should not, surely, be the physical capability of making your signature, but the mental ability to understand what it is you are assenting to!