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Hubby no longer drives due to his Alzheimers. We made the decision last year for safety reasons. Prior to that he was assessed each year and on 12 months licence at a time. It is due to expire this month. Insurance company were informed all the way.

Our car insurance is due for renewal same time his licence expires and I was told today I need start afresh with a policy in my own name, not as a 2nd driver which I have been for 29 yrs. Above means I have no no claims bonus though and our premium has more than doubled.

Can anyone recommend a decent company that I can get quotes from please?

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I'd suggest writing to a senior member of the existing company and explain the situation. The initial people on the phone are often incapable of original thought, working only from a screen.
If you want to try another insurer - but presumably lose any hope of a no-claims bonus - I have been lucky with NFU Mutual. When I came back from Germany I had trouble with John Lewis, because an idiot on the phone told me that the reason why an EU driving licence leads to higher charges (it does, unfortunately) was because I would have picked up bad driving habits abroad. I also had two cars at the same time, a German and a British, temporarily, which is a no-no, as you can only claim a no-claims bonus on one policy, and John Lewis treated me rather like a criminal and gave me a deadline I couldn't meet although they knew I was travelling back and forth and arranging a funeral. I think they had a student on the line. At all events everything went smoothly with NFU. Both John Lewis and NFU are given top marks by Which? But John Lewis treated me like an idiot more than once.

I have no connection with NFU except that they insure my car.
When my husband died, the NFU transferred all our existing policies with them into my sole name, and I seem to recall I had an "introductory" 65% no claims bonus.
I don't think that we had any special favours, although I've known the agent since he was born, he's a friend of the family.
I really like dealing with the NFU, because there are no call centre intermediaries, and I don't have to go through any of the silly ID business because they know our voices. The office is only 4 miles away, so if I need to I can even pop in and have a face to face conversation. That's such a nice way to do business.
Every year I go through the rigmarole of checking out motor insurance (as advised by Martin Lewis et al) and every year I return to the same insurers who, without fail, give me the best deal - The Co-Op :D Consistently they have been up to £200 per annum better than any of the others - fully comprehensive, maximum no-claims, replacement car if needed etc, etc.