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The studio media school Liverpool - Carers UK Forum

The studio media school Liverpool

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Anybody know anything about the studio school in Liverpool I'm interested in its six form for my son who has Aspergers this coming September he loves anything to do with gaming
Hello Natalie,

Sorry but I don't have any knowledge to impart, but I did find this


it mentions an open evening this Wednesday 10th February - any chance that you might be able to pop along and suss it out for yourself ??
Yes thanks we are planning a visit to the open evening, but just thought I'd ask around as well and see if anyone has any good or bad reviews on it as a school thanks anyway
Is that the place in darkest Dingle? If so, I've heard really good reports about it. It's very high tech apparently, and they really know their stuff.
Yes think so, apparently it's a media/gaming/coding college
If it's the same place I'm thinking of, don't be put off by the fact it's in a dump of an area. This place is an oasis; it even has a court yard were youngsters can talk to one another.
I dragged my niece to it, but she ended up being a vet's nurse instead. I think someone with Asperger's would be welcomed with open arms.

From what I could gather, they are SERIOUSLY into games and computing; something I'm not into. But even I could recognize their facilities were good. So... just check it out.... what have you got to lose?
Thank you we are of to the open evening tonight it does look like an amazing school
My son has a BSc with Honours in Computer Games Technology which he really enjoyed doing at University so good luck to your son and I hope he enjoys it.

Hi Eun, did your son go to the studio school?
No we live in Scotland - he went straight from a special school for people with a physical disability straight onto Paisley University. Quite a culture shock going from 6 people in a class to over 100 in some lectures! Every one of the kids from his year went on to Uni which is pretty good going I think when you consider all the other things they have to cope with. Mainstream schools don't have a record as good as that! Son and I were at the same University at the same time except I graduated the year after him.