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poor treatment ?

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one of my brothers who is 13 years older than me , was admitted to hospital earlier in the week with chest pains .
they done all usual tests , and said nothing unusual . we are sending you off to check your heart by giving you a dye so we can check your heart.
this was all fine .

they eventually put it down to "" nothing more than just a side effect to medication given by your GP "" they sent him home Friday.
he sent mum a text just after 9pm Sat to say well hes back in .
arm swollen to hell and being sick .
he then text back and said "" they are saying my arm is swollen due to an infection , caused by the original injections "" and are keeping him in over night.

he said it was as though the staff did not really care and gave the impression it was his fault he caught the infection.
Morning James,
Hope your brother is feeling better now and not suffering too much.
Hospitals take any heart issue quite seriously (or should do). When I trained in Australia as a first aider I was lucky to have as my trainer a registered nurse and she was fantastic and told me more than I should have known, however because I was training first aid to punters then I needed to know information if questions were asked.
A lot of chest pain can be caused by indigestion as well though is treated the same as a heart attack.
Even though much care is taken in hospitals unfortunately infections do occur and the worst places to catch them are hospitals, doctors surgeries and pharmacies.
I was recently in hospital for surgery and 7 weeks on am still suffering with a fungal infection that I didn't have before I went in.
I had to collect my mother from the doctors surgery not long after I came out of hospital and within days I had the worst cold I have ever endured - 3 weeks.
These things can happen mate and if your brothers immune system is a bit low then he will be susceptible to all kind of things.
Just my thoughts and hope he feels better soon and glad it wasn't more serious.
the exact words by the nurse to my brother were "" its entirely your own fault you are back in with an infection "". the infection is in the arm where they injected several needles ...
he spent today being kicked from one ward to an other as each one said "" nope nothing wrong "" send him here , there and every where.

he ended back up in the same ward he was in during the week , but this time a diff Dr.
who used the exact words "" nothing wrong with your chest , heart . you have now got a blood clot in your arm "" we will keep you in for 3 days unless we need the bed , then we will send you home. then told him you will be put on tablets to thin the blood and will need to take them for up to 6 months.