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One of the 'Narks' from A certain care dept tried to nark me the other day. Telling me that some people do get paid to care but that I had missed the boat on that one as Social Care no longer allow anymore on the ship. Reminds me of The Ark where only two of the chosen few were allowed to board. Apparently, you could get a horse if you asked for one, once upon a time, but not anymore.

So yes, Social Care have a new production in the making nicknamed 'The farm'. No guessing which animal these Heffalumps are, certainly NOT the Kings of the jungle or anything Old Mc Donald would be proud of. Still, they've admitted what I already knew. Pretty dumb really.

Their discrimination is something I will home into and their selection box. I always thought it was unfair as a child that certain chocolates were excluded from selection boxes and all the one's I liked weren't in it. Over the years more chocolates were introduced into selection boxes due to public demand and The Selection got bigger with more choices and it's exactly the same type of thing with 'Huffalumps' choosing who gets paid in England for care.

I will not be the Red bounty.

Far from Heffalumps narking me I am quite bemused at their activities and I will open the doors to the Stampede, watching everyone else as well, passing by and GATECRASHING The Heffalump's Ark. I don't mind waiting for the storm to pass. I am after all one of life's storm chasers.

I hate Discrimination and I believe in fairness to all. I will strive for that fairness and make a difference not only to my life but also the lives of fellow carers future ones and old timers...

"I AM THE STORM" .......

Talking of storms...and not in a Teacup either.
I had a letter the other day from the Nurse & Psychologist who want to come out to visit next week to review management strategies. It's reviewing the paperwork to them whilst picking my brain. They can't complete it without me. I feel very uneasy having any of these professionals in my home after The Heffalumps sent in The S.S.Woozles the other day to question me.

It's a kind of real put off.

The Psychologist hasn't bothered herself for many numerous years now to even keep in touch regarding my son. The last time I saw her was when she was making the numbers up at a C.P.A. meeting. She hasn't been vaguely interested in actively being involved since day one and for all the time I have wasted talking to this 'Professional' she hasn't troubled herself to assist in any shape or form in helping my son after the Hate Crime he was subjected to by Bellowing Bertha. She DID, however, voice her opinions when it came to any strategies I came up with just about this time last year.

I mentioned a spa pool for the garden to entice my son outside. Anyone who knows anything about Autism would know that you have to take baby steps to resolve as big an issue of someone with Autism being scared to go out. She hadn't come up with ANY ideas to resolve the issue in 3 years. In fact, she still hasn't and it's her job to do so. Anyway, she poo-pooed my idea and went 1 step further in saying that "We should see first IF my son likes water'' and she recommended he should start by using the sink and playing in it to see if my 31-Year old son likes water....

Jeez, seriously anyone would think this Professional thinks my son has Rabies not a diagnosis of Autism. My son likes water so much he has repeatedly flooded my home since he was knee-high to a grasshopper. Would anyone want to test this theory with their own home with a 31-year old with Autism when it's already been tested time and time again in water damage? The mention of 'WE' never came into it as it's never been 'We only me'...

Okay once upon a time he did do a submarine in a Holiday Camp pool when he was about 5 and the pool attendant had to fish it out with a shrimping net. But that was the only time. But then that's nothing other kids don't do. He once shredded another older kids t-shirt whilst in a wacky warehouse when he was 6. The other kid who was about 13 was left totally confused by the new style of shirt..It happened so quickly and yes my son did shower sand all over 30 freshly washed pedalos in Lanzarote and the kid who'd cleaned them who was about 16 called him a...Barstewardo ..Well something like that..."Shut up Pedro".

He also showered 'a German Tourist sunbathing with sand...Then again his father did the very same thing going off the beaten track just off Playa de Los Pocillos in Lanzarote to a Nudist Beach in a Fiat Panda. He got stuck in the sand and showered more than 1 tourist in sand...I recall his father almost over-turning the car trying to get back and off the beaten track. That was because he ignored my good advice the ruddy fool...''Which way shall we turn?''...I said that way and he took the other route naturally LMAO!...What a 'dingleberry'. I won't even mention what happened at Jameos Del Agua.

Let's just say...'The Barsteward' pushed me into THE LAGOON....and you aren't allowed to go into the lagoon...
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