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political survey

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Just been on facebook received a sponsored link from Conservative party asking me to fill in a survey here is the link to see what they ask http://www.conservatives.com/survey/ there is no mention of disabled or long term sick or carers in any of the options on any of the questions which, from a none political person, just about sums up our position in this country
It's the same with the questionaires they've letter-boxed locally...they simply don't give a monkey's...
Even "38 Degrees" dont ever mention us Carers in their campaigns against the government.
I've been a member with them for years and have often asked them to campaign for us, but to no avail. Even they dont give a damn it seems.
Nobody thinks were a cause worth fighting for until it happens to them.
I didn't even know what a Carer was until I became one and even then, somebody else had to tell me thats what I was and had been for many many years!! :shock:
rea,the survey you link to does ask how important you consider,both personally and in terms of the country's priorities,"Care and support of the elderly",which would include disabled older people.You're right that the younger groups don't get a mention.
at a recent meeting to talk of the Labour party manifesto those on the platform did not even know the value of the carers allowance ( one said it matched the retirement pension) or the conditions placed upon it , all they talked about was WORKING CARERS they did quote carers uk when they said "carers cost the treasury nearly one and half billion pounds each year " as a well know trouble maker even within my own party I asked them to explain how carers who cant work or those who have decided to give up work and care costs the treasury 1-5 billion quid year on year "it`s because they claim benefits and don't pay tax " came the reply I asked if they knew of the savings carers make towards the N.H.S they had not a clue when I mentioned it was over 100 billion each and every year ....... silence ... they talked of removing benefits from the elderly re paying for social care one even thought social care was the total cost of staying in a care home she did not know social care and the rent , hotel costs were an extra and some of the people want to stand as councillors and god forbid M.P`s mmm they probably are stupid enough to become M.P`s .....not one political party will offer support for carers as it will cost money .....and we are not a priority to bribe unlike parents with children who stand to receive thousand's per year in child care support ... this week NICK CLEGG has said remove the free bus pass and give it to children to help them get to school
keep at them george .
The level of ignorance among politicians is frightening. The worst is that the politicians don't actually understand much of what they have read from CUK and have put their own spin on it. Perhaps CUK needs to do more of the pictographic stuff so even politicians can understand. :roll: