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Pointless in making complaints

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I have emailed people who made complaints to phoned them and wrote letters and got copy's of everything and people are not willing to look into my complaint so now have took it to the trust tried pals some complaints are for father inlaw ie care in respite talk talk phone company and I have a complaint going with lack of care from mh team I have had for myself
Hi tracie

Oddly it was the Mental Health nurse who helped to push the most for NHS funding in my father's case.
Strangely I was called in for a chat with the mental health nurse.
She seemed to spend about 5 minutes talking about Dad and 25 minutes talking about me.
I found out later that she was probably concerned that I may have been affected by Dad's behaviour.

The complaint about mh team is about myself my father inlaw is under the older mental health team and they have been fantastic
There are complaints and there are "constructive comments".
If the last bus doesn't arrive because they cant find a driver, that's a complaint and a right to compensation for your taxi fare.(and of course, you have kept the receipt, haven't you?)
If a nurse is having a bad day and is a bit off-hand, that's a constructive comment. Especially if you can quote her verbatim, and even better if you have a witness to back you up.
To me, there is no point complaining unless you have incurred loss and have some compensation in mind, something of substance.
Like when my flight time was changed from the original schedule, and I missed the flight as a result, and could prove it. That's a hard cash complaint.
It isn't usually worth wasting a stamp on minor stuff: I keep my powder dry for the big stuff, otherwise I would end up as the eponymous "Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells".
Scally my father inlaw was placed in respite without the correct assessment respite is for people who care have a break we never got a break as Sunday of the first week he cut his eye open no witnesses he was in hospital till Tuesday then let out he went back to respite on the fri eve gone 11 we had a call he had a cut lip couple of reasons he took his jumper off no witnesses second staff was helping him and caught his lip yet someone on phone said no witnesses again we called police and social worker they attended a meeting on the sat said all was fine so left it at that gets home gets a call to say he had cut his head no witnesses again rang manager she said something always happens when she not there so we had a meeting on the Monday out come was to communicate with family nothing about staff watching clients so we feel we have a right to complain

My compliant with mh team is worker discharged me after therapy never done discharge letter to myself or gp advocate found out was still under them so could have about help so for 8montjs been left no call no nothing till now get letter saying discharged and she sorry she not sent letters to me and gp advocate raised concerns to them over mh so complained to trust waste of time as nothing is going to be done but decided not to give up
I think 'Disgusted of Tonbridge Wells' is a diversionary tactic.

"Let's make up this character that nobody wants to be, and watch all those Brits put up with god awful service, they've ACTUALLY paid for, but we will demur anyway, coz they're too polite???!!!"

A million people making so-called minor complaints would make them sit up and take more notice than even 10,000 making major complaints.
And those 10,000 by definition, are more than capable of taking care of themselves. What about those who aren't?
Are they to be left by the wayside?

I've no interest in keeping my powder dry; if it's wet, I'll stomp on it. If that doesn't work, I'll blast it with my poxy hair drier.
If that doesn't work.... I'll think of something else.

What I won't do is put up with bully-boy tactics. So, I'll continue to fight a mere £20 fine to the best of my ability - what more can asked - and I'll succeed. And, by the way, a so-called £20 fine is often nearly a quarter of some poor gits wages! Mine actually. It was worth a few bob spent on postage.

Yours, Disgusted of Wirral (and Liverpool)

I wear my 'disgusted' badge with pride.

"Hey, Mr/Mrs/Ms of Tonbridge; now about those parking charges the Council have drastically increased. That's leading to nobody using them, leading to a drop of £300,000 in income; where's the sense in that?"

So everybody is using the Morrison's car park instead (me included.) O.K. It's only for 2 hours, so most are now timing being in town for two hours; max stay at M's car park.
So, local business's are being affected.
If just one closes, that's your loss; no business rates.
What are you going to then? Charge for air?

You numpties!
Am not giving up had a call from trust who are looking in to it
I'm another who thinks it is worth complaining but to the right people in the right way at the right time - a bit of an art getting that right Image

Last week my father, who is in hospital, mentioned he was rushed when trying to get out of bed to use the comode. The following day he was clearly unhappy and again mentioned that the same Health Assistant got cross with him and said 'well, you'll just have to spend the day in bed then'. Dad can be stubbon and we can all get short tempered at work so I sort of dismissed it but it bothered me. He didn't want any fuss made but said he was a little scared of upsetting the same chap again. I did finally (a week later after worrying about it..) mention this to the staff nurse saying we realised it's difficult for someone to know how it feels to be in Dad's position - perhaps a bit of training was needed to help them experience helplessness. The outcome was good. Apparently Health Assistants don't get the same type of training as nurses and are not made to experience being helpless. (Nurse training includes lying unable to move on a bed and being fed jelly - a fun training session they say.) The Ward Manager said they will give this young health assistant some extra support and training and now he and Dad get on really well. I'm glad I said something.

Over and out: Image
Sometimes I will ask if someone is "wearing L plates" if they are struggling with something. The replies often go along the lines of "It's my first day/week..." In these circumstances, I'll ask to speak to a supervisor, and then suggest to the supervisor that they could do with a bit more help with whatever has been difficult. Unless someone tells them, how can they know? After all, we've all been through the first day/first job fears haven't we? Conversely, if someone says they've been doing a job for ages, it's a shame if they still can't be bothered to do it properly!
Exactly. Perhaps complaining is the wrong expression here. Constructive criticism might be better... same difference, really.
But unless people complain/make constructive criticisms, nothing will change.

And I've been subjected to it too. Of late, I've been jumping down my dad's throat for no good reason.
I could see in his eyes last week, he was dead hurt, that I was doing something wrong over something dead petty.
I was shocked, when I took a step backwards, and realised he was right. Now I count to ten BEFORE I lose my rag.
Doesn't always work, as I did it today. But now he has permission from me to pull me up short if I do that 'kicking off' thing.
I'm convinced I let rip at him over frustrations with my mum. That's not fair on him, and it does my blood pressure no good either!
I do get wound up, and use him as my pressure release. Sometimes justified, sometimes not.
I'm learning to learn the difference. But ONLY because he I now allow him to constructively criticise me... counting to ten really helps!

But if I've 'counted to ten' and am still mad as hell, then I'll kick off, write letters, get my MP involved, whatever.

It's worked so far!