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"Please take your shoes off" - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

"Please take your shoes off"

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I get tired of hearing the trite phrase "Health and Safety" used as a subterfuge for all manner of tenuous agenda, thereby precluding common sense. I believe even organisations like RoSPA deprecate this common usage.

And yet, trying to see all sides, visitors reluctant to take off their shoes may have a point. I must admit I do not feel confident walking indoors wearing socks only. I feel more likely to slip and I am nervous about stepping on something sharp. If there is any lifting to be done, I definitely want some firm footwear.

Of course there is good sense in changing footwear when coming indoors. It all helps with keeping carpets cleaner. Prevention is better than cure. So there are solutions. Slippers, overshoes or a separate pair of shoes for indoor use only - all these are possibilities which regular visigtors to many homes can consider. Even householders have some spare slippers to offer to visitors, though be not too particular about shoe size.

On the other hand, not all householders agree with the idea of visitors taking off their shoes. Some see it as exalting material things above personal welfare - hence unwelcoming.

In our household we wear slippers indoors, but don't fuss too much about visitors taking off their shoes providing they wipe their feet.
I would like to point out that within a number of Faiths and Cultures, on entering a house, shoes which have been used outdoors have to be removed and slippers or similar used around the house. Therefore, this certainly is NOT an unacceptable condition for someone to impose on visitors entering their house, so I would have thought that Agencies should be telling those whom they employ, that they may well be expected to remove their shoes and that it is unacceptable for staff to demand that they can still wear their shoes indoors.
I have the same problem, previously the carers were not allowed to take there shoes off and were not allowed to wear the blue plastic shoe covers due to health and safety according to the manager so my carpets and floor were muddy constantly, especially in winter. I wouldn't mind bit the carers choice of footwear were ballet type shoes!!! All they blurted out was health and safety for the reasons why they couldn't do this or that etc etc, meanwhile my floors and carpets were disgusting and the carers never used to wipe there feet, now I PROVIDE non slip shoe covers for the carers as the manager will not provide them and the amount of times they have been thrown away by accident torn etc. It is costing me a fortune and I don't believe I should be providing them
Maybe ask the L A to buy you a carpet cleaner as part of your Carer's Assessment?
I'm widowed, my late husband chose some lovely carpet for our hall, stairs and landing and I'd be very upset if this was disrespected.
Could they be asked to bring some indoor shoes with them?
I wonder if this is covered by Care Quality Commission rules?