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Playground Memories - Page 2 - Carers UK Forum

Playground Memories

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We used to put a tennis ball in one of my mum's stockings (showing my age now)! and stand in front of a wall bouncing it either side, then you would lift your leg up to bounce it under your legs (whoever thought that one up)!!
I also still remember the song we used to sing whilst skipping like it was yesterday:

"I once had scarlet fever,
I had it very bad,
They wrapped me up in a blanket
And put me in a van.
The van was very shaky
It nearly knocked me out
And when I got to Waterloo
I heard a baby shout
"Mummy, Daddy take me home
From this convalescent home
I've been here a year or two
Now I want to be with you"
Goodbye doctors, goodbye nurses
Goodbye Doctor Bannister
Sliding down the bannister
How many red spots have you got
44 and that's the lot!!!

How times have changed!
We used to play skipping games a lot with a huge rope and several of us would be skipping at once.

One rhyme I remember was
"Ickle, ockle chocolate bottle,
ickle ockle out.
If you see a policeman
punch him on the snout."

weren't we charming? Image
I copied the below from one of my other postings, when I remembered your request for old games kids played.

I don’t know too much about Attlee, but I remember the big cheese everyone hero worshiped back then was Ny Bevin. We little girls even had a chant we’d intone whilst playing two balls against a wall. It went:

Thank heaven for Ny Bevin
Thank heaven for Ny Bevin
Ny Bevin he is in heaven
Ny Bevin he is in heaven
I too would be in heaven
I too would be in heaven
If it wasn’t for Ny Bevin
If it wasn’t for Ny Bevin

Next door neighbour carry on…..Image

The girl next to me would then have to catch the balls in mid-air, and start the chanting up again, synchronizing the balls with said chanting.

Of course I hadn’t got a clue why I’d be in heaven if it wasn’t for Ny Bevin. It was true though.
At age 5 I impaled myself on a railing through my arm whilst climbing around.
Thanks to the NHS and the dedicated surgeons who operated on me for hours, not only did I live but they saved my arm too. Pre-NHS, I probably would have died, or at best been an amputee.
I've remembered another 'two balls' game chant.

I was walkin' thru the jungle late one night
When I looked up a tree
an wot did I see
a bloody big monkey
gonna pee on me
So I picked up a rock
an I threw it at his cock
an oh my golly wot a shock he got!

Another favorite ditty, complete with relevant body touching, was

Bum, titty, titty
bum, titty, titty
play the willy banjo... repeated over and over again. We'd speed the ditty up faster and faster till our air banjo playing, and bum/chest touching were completely out of synch. This ditty used to drive my mum mad!