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Playground Memories

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With a new school - term, what games did you used to play in the playground?

I remember-fondly-kiss chase! Unfortunately I was too young to appreciate it at the time!

Love to hear your memories, please post below and I'll try to read out your memories live on http://www.radiowey.co.uk at 6pm on Wednesday (18th)

Kind regards

Don't worry if you miss the show, it's on at the same time the following week.
Tag was always a good one. Hopscotch, jacks.
Skipping, though I don't remember the rhymes we used to sing, same with clapping games.
One of the skipping songs was

Strawberry, raspberry, blackcurrant tart
Tell me the name of your sweetheart

Then the people turning the rope turned it much faster while reciting the letters of the alphabet. The letter that you stumbled on was the letter of the boy you fancied (I was all of about 8yrs old at the time Image )

Apart from that I can only remember fragments. One began

Not last night, but the night before
Seven black cats came knocking at my door

But I cant remember any more.
Image Image crocus.
I must search the net for some of the rhymes.
Tin can allerky my old turkey kicked the bucket over & made a big splash,

That was the song we sang, but for the life of me i cant remember the game that went with it
"On the mountain stands a lady, who she is I do not know,
All she wears is gold and silver, all she wants is a nice young man..." Google the full lyrics and you'll find them easily. I lived just east of Bournemouth at the time.
◾One two three and PLAINSY
Four five six and PLAINSY
Seven eight nine and PLAINSY
Ten and PLAINSY, catch the ball.
(Followed by the same, substituting

juggling two balls against the wall.We used to sing "O'Leary," rather than "and Plainsy."
I can still juggle two balls against a wall, or in the air,although now am likely to put my hands at risk if my Labrador is anywhere near, as she thinks I am throwing them for her to catch!
I do it with apples and oranges too, to amuse my grandsons,although my elder grandson thinks I should use three, as Mr Tumble on the TV does!
When I was a child living in Liverpool during the early 60’s, us kids used to play a game in the street called Froggy, Froggy.
There would be about 30 of us split into 2 teams, the Froggies and the Others (can’t remember now what the others were called).
After much squabbling, a leader for each team would be selected. The froggies would be quite widely spaced out, in 3-5 rows depending on how many of us were playing, and were not allowed to move from the spot.
The others would be lined up facing them, also in rows, with the leaders out front.

The leader of the others would intone, “Froggy, Froggy, may we cross the golden water?” To which the head Froggy would always reply, “No, you may not cross the golden water.”
This would be the signal for the others to storm the froggies, led by the head Other, screaming our heads off.
The aim was to weave your way through them without being touched by a Froggy. No going around the sides was allowed.
If you managed to break through past the back row of froggies without being touched, you got to choose a Froggy to come and join the Others. If you got touched then you had to join the froggies. No other could choose the head Froggy to join them, and if the head Other got touched that didn’t matter; he/she still remained an other leading the charges.
Once the charge was over, we’d rearrange ourselves and start all over again. The game was deemed to be over when all bar the leaders were either froggies or others. We’d then swap sides for the next game of Froggy, Froggy.
This game could go on for hours, sometimes over days. No wonder we were all so skinny!
Hi All

Thank you so much for posting on this, wonderful memories. Please keep them coming.
I managed to include quite a few of them on my Riverside Pub show this week and in case you missed it the show is repeated on Wednesday between 6 - 7 pm on http://www.radiowey.co.uk

Best wishes
I loved doing this special show for my friends on the Carers UK forum and hearing about your playground memories. A real pleasure as always - thank you.
If you missed it, it's on again on:

Wednesday 6pm http://www.radiowey.co.uk
Hopefully a bit of background light relief!