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What did you have for dinner? I need new ideas... - Carers UK Forum

What did you have for dinner? I need new ideas...

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Hi all,
I'm bored of my cooking and looking for new ideas.

I had a vegetable and edamame stir fry with brown rice and soy sauce this evening whilst S was at club. He made chicken pie at club and they had it with salad.

Looking forward to reading more replies as I need inspiration too as I will be having to cook economically for students in a few weeks. Today I had shop made lasagne but yesterday and the day before I made my own Toad in the Hole with onion gravy.
I'm still cooking for two but saving half of it for the next day.
I don't know how carers have any time to cook nor the desire to.
All my meals come out of the microwave. :)
I grow a few bits and now have lots of ways of using up or disguising courgettes, but now Hubby informs me he's 'gone off' runner beans
How on earth can I disguise runner beans?
Sorry Melly I won't be able to give you any inspiration. I used to cook most days when hubby was at home and really enjoyed cooking Sunday dinner. Now I have no inclination to cook a proper meal for myself. Seems my mind set was the role of feeding my family,
DH always cooked the evening meals; I did lunches. Even after his brain tumour, he taught himself to cook again and carried on until he had a stroke. Now I am on my own, I find I am exhausted by the time evening comes, but I am not ready to eat a main meal at lunchtime. So I only eat if it takes under 5 minutes to prepare. Top of the list is salmon fillets: into a pyrex casserole and drizzle with olive oil, herbs and pepper. Into the oven for ca 20 minutes (fan oven 170). Serve with frozen veg (well, cook the veg, obviously!). Since they sell fillets two to a pack, have the second one cold the next day.

I need more ideas too, please.
Skinless chicken breast thinly sliced, fried with a little oil or Frylight - when nearly cooked through stir in a couple of spoonfuls of pesto (green or red), cover and finish cooking - serve with a large salad or new potatoes and green beans.
I've found it quite difficult to keep the variety of salads coming through this recent hot weather, I relented one day last week and reverted to bangers mash and beans: neither the wife or I enjoyed it as it just didn't fit with the weather, so it was back to the salads.

I don't consider a couple of lettuce leaves, Tomato and Cucumber to be a salad so there's quite a bit of work goes into them, definitely more than just a simple meat and two veg. I make two or three different potato salads so it's not the same every time,Pre-cooked Haricot beans can provide an alternative carb element to the potatoes.

Flat chicken (batter it between a piece of folded clingfilm) served with just about anything in the way of salads that you like, the same with a variety of fish (don't flatten it though :mrgreen: ), Hot-smoked salmon goes nicely with a Nicoise salad. A large Pork pie and salads.

A proper Caesar salad goes down well or just make a Caesar dressing to go on the usual green stuff for a change from bought dressings.

Wraps make a change and can be very varied depending on the fillings you use, flat Chicken well coated in Ras-el-hanout (then sliced or shredded) with Avocado and some Rocket is good, Hot-smoked Salmon with Hummus and Red Peppers, Prawns and whatever accompaniments you like is another.

My menu for the next week is:- Smoked Haddock, new pots and mange tout: Wraps with Chicken Avocado etc: Pasta with Crab and Rocket : Pork pie and salads: Seared Tuna and Nicoise salad: Chicken terrine and salads : Sunday is usually pasta in some form or another - often a Carbonara, depends on available ingredients.

I've not resorted to Quiche yet, and probably won't. :D
Ayjay, I think we might all come round yours for dinner, you sound quite a chef.
Henrietta wrote:
Sat Aug 11, 2018 1:35 pm
Ayjay, I think we might all come round yours for dinner, you sound quite a chef.
:lol: :lol: :lol: