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I'm in contact with the Communications Ombudsman due to difficulties with BT. Having had a crackling landline for some time now, ie around 3 years on and off. I got in touch with BT on and off throughout the time. Who stressed me out no end, to the extent of instructing me (on a web-chat, who were extremely impatient!) to remove the socket plate on the wall. Which I haven't been able to replace, due to having been screwed in originally at an angle :/ ) - which they should have come out and sorted themselves. But the web-chat turned extremely stressful for me. Even with me going to CAB, things ended up in deadlock. Thus me having to hopefully resolve things with the Communications Ombudsman. I have mentioned to what extent everything's impacted my health + me being my Mother's carer.

Has anyone:

a) Been in similar situations?

b) Had problems with BT to have changed company?

c) Kept the same phone number? As I really could do with not changing the current one.

d) Through changing company have thing's been easier?
I'm with Sky now, but BT are still responsible for the infrastructure. They should definitely come and sort out the faceplate themselves if it's faulty. I really hate the threat of being charged £9 if there's nothing wrong. As our socket is low down it causes me huge problems now I'm widowed and can't kneel down because of two knee replacements after a car accident. As mum is disabled they should be making reasonable adjustments for you. Do they know that the phone might be needed in an emergency, usually if you mention someone disabled in the household you go to the top of the queue.
Hi Butterfly,
I had the same experience. The phone line went through periods of loud crackling when I used the phone, it drove me crazy. I too was talked through numerous annoying and stressful things to try including taking my phone socket apart etc etc They conducted various tests etc on the line and said it was fine etc. The socket in my house is dodgy anyway - it comes through the skirting on a long thick wire and the docket box is attached to that. Since being tampered with it was more temperamental than before.

Eventually I solved the problem quite by accident. My house only has the one socket and I have two walkabout handsets, part of the same set . In the socket was plugged a splitter and into that a modem filter as the single socket served the phone, answerphone and modem. I started having problems with the Internet connection too ( still do to sometimes ,) and I researched and found a splitter and surge protector combined with the required three sockets. This inadvertently cured the crackling which must have been down to a poor connection with the previous combination of socket, splitter and filter.

I've also had crackly phone problems solved by the replacing the internet thingumy bob described above
mum and i changed from BT to sky , and the problem vanished instantly.....

mum had been with BT since the day of the dinosaurs lol, but we then started getting crackling line , to the point the person on the other end could hear nothing .

mum tried contacting BT call centre and was told "" rubbish , i just check line and no problem good bye "" , mum calls back and got someone else who also said "" sorry love , i have just checked the line while we were talking and no issues at all bye "" ..
hangs up.

I got fed up and recorded the crackling called BT and demanded to speak to someone who actually knows what they are doing , i played the recording and was informed it sounds like a green box fault , we had a letter 2 weeks later saying an engineer will be out to sort the problem free of charge.
door bell went on the day the engineer was due , only to be told "" canny fix it hen , canny fund any bloody green box like "" we told the guy there has never been a green box at the top of the street in the 40+ yrs of mum living here , i said the ONLY green box i have seen is a 3 min walk away , he smirked and said its no that box pal called me liar and left.
we put in a complaint about him and was told "" we do apologise , but some times our engineers are a little stressed "".

we complained again and again ,,, and were told "" cant do anything about it cause we cant find the green box ..
then someone suggested we were possibly close enough to the exchange for it to maybe be a direct feed line , so the issue could be at the exchange.

we heard nothing , then had a letter stating they were sending a road team out to send a mole under the road to look for the direct cable feed and it would cost £1000 as requested by us .
i called them and said we asked for no such thing and do not even think about sending any team out to dig the road up or charge us a penny ...............

mum called up the BT customer number to ask for the code number to leave and she was refused and the woman intimidated mum into accepting a "" refreshed bill "" . that was stopped out of the blue . so mum called again for the number and she was flat out refused .

we then got SKY to deal with BT and within 24 hours we were with SKY and the fault had vanished instantly .

BUT for nearly 2 months we had BT customer services call us three , four times a day telling us we are fools for changing to SKY , they are rubbish , our phone and internet will be cut off every day .....
i put a complaint into BT about the harassment calls and was given an apology and that it sounds more like a third party company BT work with for customer advisers and that it would be looked into ( i doubt it was looked into , but the calls did stop ) .

funny , we have never had an issue since we went with SKY , apart from one day when i called sky( from my mobile ) they apologised instantly , done a line check and said yes a fault was detected , but sadly it is BT who handle the line , would i like to be kept up to date with progress , i said yes please , and before the woman ended the call she said she will give us a £5 discount and if it was still off in an hour the discount would increase .
i got a call back informing me of the problem ,( call from BT ) our engineers had discovered some cables had been cut and the copper cables removed and they were currently replacing the cables.
we also took SKY shield for the phone line at the same time and TADA stopped ALL cold callers and ALL automated dial machines . far better job than when we registered with the TPS