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pets :)

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Simon, I agree! My cat (who came to us as a rescue cat a few years ago at my son's request), comes and goes as he pleases, but he is great company, and 'fills up the house' now that I am 'empty-nesting' with my son in college. I always feel very flattered when the cat condescends to sleep on my bed :) (He has several 'cosy hiding places' around the house, including in my linen cupboard! I gave in and put a fleece in there for him, so he doesn't shed his fur on my clean sheets!). He's out for the night now, prowling around my and the neighbour's gardens, but he'll be back in at dawn, ready for a snooze after his busy night! (NOT after the birds I hope - he prefers mice, as they don't 'cheat' by flying away)(The mice nearly always manage to get away too, thankfully.)
George Mildred.jpg
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I too have a look alike (Mildred) and her son, George, (the fluffy one) who should be renamed ASBO, a friend tells me.

Sorry photo is on the side. The rug they are on has a lot less wool now that I have had them for 4 weeks :D
Hi All

Our radio show which features us forum members is here is on at 1pm (Sat) on www.radiowey.co.uk - just click on the listen now button on top right.

It's set in a virtual place called the Riverside Pub with a pub quiz, a juke box and a resident piano player!

Only goes on for an hour but I hope it will be bring some enjoyment.
Some of the lovely posts on this thread will be read out.


1pm - 2pm

Best wishes
Hi jenny.
The one with with the white spot under the head is exactly like our cat
this is so strange hun.
Yes he going to garden to garden lol just comes back for his food then he's of again don't really see him that much only for a cuddle from mummy and daddy lol.