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pessky cats

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hi we moved in 2017 as we have got mobility problems when we settled in we deceided to attempt to do some thing with the garden to make it our own all though it seems there are lot of cats in the area , towards the end of last year we started talking to a next door neighbour who had 3 cats we had a chat and coffee we done things for each other , now the cats have had kittens grown up and again had kittens so now we are getting cats in our garden digging , toileting ,etc and ruining our garden .we are totally fed up with them coming in , as we are in a council property i spoke to them about the problem twice and they are sending out a inprovements form for me to put up a wire on top of fence which will be no higher than 15 cm which is ridicuulous and a form for a possible out side tap to be in place so we can use a water scare crow to deter these pessky cats ,
we have tried different messures eg plants , sprays , orange peel ,, coffee grounds , we are really fed up when we spoke to them last year he said to me let me know when they come in so i did and all he said well what do you want me to do ?

any ideas thoughts advice would be great thanks
I would like an answer to that too Dean.
Three come into my garden and are a nusiance. Dont get me wrong, I don't mind cats normally. DD1 has one, my sister has two, and am fond of them. ( Although a dog person myself). I shoo the cats, have hissed at them( don't laugh!) Sprayed water near them and they look at me very obnoxiously, and don't move. If they didn't choose to dig and make a mess it would be ok.
I have always had cats in my life and know from experience that this is perennial problem. My own cat (Bertie) does visit neighbour's gardens and their cats do visit mine - although Bertie does take exception to their visits !

Some members here know that ! also contribute to another forum which is pet related and the problem often arises on there. The usual advice is to 'cat proof' your garden (either to keep your own cat in or other cats out). Suggestions for ways to do this are in this topic on that forum

https://www.petforums.co.uk/threads/cat ... ns.211361/

It sounds as if the solution proposed by your council would come into this category. The most common way to cat proof a garden is to erect a wire mesh barrier on top of the fence, whereby the mesh is supported on brackets that curve inwards - something like this There are companies that can do this for you but it is quite easy to do yourself, you can buy the brackets and the netting in any DIY store.
In your case I would suggest that the mesh is angle over to your neighbours side so that the cats won't be able to jump up and over the fence.

Another alternative is to get a couple of solar powered (runs on batteries) cat deterrents - some emit ultrasonic noise and some spray water when a cat passes by - both can be quite effective.
hi thanks for your replys we have tried things like water we cannot have angled fence wire as its a council property and would cost xyz with in these times we have got at the moment with virus , i had a look around about plants but i think that you have to watch what type as some are posion and some have a very strong smell so we are just trying to think of neighbours upstairs but not the ones next door with all the cats

Scaredy cat plant (Coleus canina)

Lavender (Lavandula)

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis)

Rue (Ruta graveolens)

Pennyroyal (Mentha pulegium)

Curry herb plant (Helichrysum italicum)

Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis) and thyme (Thymus citriodorus)

Thorny bushes
We once had this problem and after trying everything from pet stores and vets, putting down prickly holly, pepper etc we were running out of ideas and the damned cats were still visiting and making a mess.

I found a site which mentioned a mixture of castor oil and washing up liquid and water and sprayed that around and it DID work. Used a lot but it was worth it.
we have a 3 yr old frenchie would putting castor oil and washing up liquid down for cat issue cause a problem with the dog just woundering about rocco being sick and lots of poop
dean_2003 wrote:
Tue Apr 21, 2020 8:48 am
we have a 3 yr old frenchie would putting castor oil and washing up liquid down for cat issue cause a problem with the dog just woundering about rocco being sick and lots of poop
Not sure Dean. I can’t see that he would want to eat anything with that smell on it. The idea is that the smell puts cats off.
thanks for being honest i will have to research and see what i find as these pessky cats are driving us mad due to rocco nearly had on yesterday in our garden
I would say definately liberal sprinklings of curry powder or scattered lemon juice, but could cost a fortune every time it rains and they need replenishing!
There used to be some black metal statues of cats that had sparkly eyes and stood on the ground available, but I don't know if they are any good or indeed, still on sale. Markets and Wilkinsons etc used to sell them.