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E.ON Smart Meters

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Both my Mum and I have been sent letters about E.ON wanting to come out to install smart meters. Are they worth it?
There's plenty of reasons not to have one, not the least of which is that your supplier can shut off your supply remotely if they were so inclined.

Some more problems listed here:-

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/consu ... art-meter/
A little bit in the main ENERGY thread :

https://www.carersuk.org/forum/news-and ... lit=energy

More from an article on the BBC web site posted earlier today under the following thread :

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In short , for a standard family living in three bedrooms with two teenage children , the answer is PROBABLY yes.

For the rest , especially for those living on their own , the answer will be no.

For many , what use is a smart meter if you're in an all electric property . possibly tenanted , when the choice is either having the heat on or slowiy freeze ... possibly to death if you are elderly and / or less abled ?
I had a smart meter installed when I switched supplier a year or so ago and have never used it to view how much power is being used. You know what is on and what is off anyway and I have better uses for my time. It came with a bracket so it could be fixed to a wall but mine has remained floating on the phone table and periodically drops to the floor when dog leads and coats are dumped on top of it. If I didn't have it I would need to submit meter readings each month so I suppose it helps in that respect.
Only today I heard on BBC News about a report about smart meters, and it's in The Guardian too:

https://www.theguardian.com/environment ... port-finds

They say that a lot of smart meters 'go dumb' and there are problems in areas with poor mobile data signals. The BBC spoke to a man who has had a smart meter for a while but because it doesn't work he still has to phone in his meter readings.

I haven't got one myself - I have always refused because at least at the beginning they were tied to one power company and I want to sell this house.
Too bad what they "want" unless you signed something agreeing to it or agreed with landlord/lady etc you have no legal obligation to have one installed under the current rules.

Power companies aren't working collaboratively on this, some are still rolling out SMETS1's (first generation technology using SIM card) instead of the SMETS2 which became available this year.

So its not enough that their trying to bully people into having these installed, you also flip a coin as to what the contents are of the van belonging to the local del boy they've sub contracted for installations in your region, meaning worse case you get a already obsolete product, from a line of products with well documented problems/faults, based on half baked tech which has not properly matured/been developed properly for use in homes (don't even get me started if you live rural) and thats assuming they perform a competent installation (at the end of the day its still a utility meter).

For what? To tell me that if I didn't have medical equipment either constantly switched on, or on standby, I'd save a tenner a week.

Which is a whole new thing by itself, when you have the likes of British Gas burying information that warns the consumer their meters may not interact with other things within the household, for the sake of example Stannah the stair lift manufacturer issued such a warning last year, and thats the tip of the iceberg.

Being realistic.. ever heard of "throttling"? Where you'd be using your internet service and it would slow down at a specific time because the infrastructure is so obsolete rather than fork out for additional capacity, the short term solution was to simply slow down access during peak usage. Hoping at least someone sees the semblance

Its more or less the same concept in play here, except your empowering them to better micro manage your off peak/peak time costs for utilities.. even worse because they know exactly what is connected to it, opening the door to further price manipulation because they'll know you can't be without your devices being charged, etc

My 2 pence, my meter is less than 2 decades old and I own my house, I have a background in electrical engineering and IT and even I am not eager on smart meters in their current state... and I'm normally a huge advocate of technology.

Give it a few years before I can even take them jokers seriously.
I forgot that a builder who was working here told me not to have a smart meter. This was about three years ago when the power company was putting pressure on me and I didn't really want one, so I asked him what he thought. He told me some horror stories that support what Honey Badger says about 'Del boy' installers.
well this will shock some ,, but mum and i called British Gas a while back to have a smart meter installed .
and was 100% the best choice we made .

I convinced mum to get duel fuel from them at the same time so we already saved £60 a week from paying 2 diff companies .
British gas installed it within 45 mins , and not once had an issue.

We like a lot in scotland use pay as you go / key meter , mum is frightened off DD for gas and electric incase we use more than was estimated.
After the meter was installed we had a call from British Gas stating we were due a further reduction because we are now duel fuel smart meter user.

The best part is we no longer need to out side in the pouring rain to top up a meter , and its simply 2 sec job on your smart phone . if so wished to use your phone , if not you take a card to a shop and its auto added , no longer need a key.

Also they then sent paperwork out showing that if the worst was to happen and we ran out of electric / gas from Friday they would not cut off electric or gas supply and we would not be charged and would still get electric / gas until 6pm Monday.

i was surprised to hear the news say it will save £11 on bills , as we have saved over £100 a year and we are just 2 people in a 4 bedroom home.

it sits in the kitchen and never lost wifi signal between the 2 replaced meters.

and mum just loves the fact she can see with the touch of an icon how much money their is in gas and electric . and also see when the peak times of use are for the house for each energey.

i can remember when we first got it in , we had helicopter family members tell us so called horror stories . such as the government use it to listen to us talk , spy on bank accounts , cutting gas off / electric off ( that has always been possible before the invention of smart meters ) because over 10 years ago my neighbour failed to pay his gas bill and they came to his home and killed the gas feed .

my sister who lives on her own now loves having hers , as it means she does not have to try and get meter readings which she never understood , she does not need a guy coming round to the house for meter readings and her bills also dropped when her and her husband when he was alive , saved money as well.

It is just a case of modern tech , people need to be more open .
a few years back the council told us we were getting new smoke alarms CO2 alarms fitted and the guy had to give us a 5 min demo in how to use them , because they have a WIFI sensor in the hallway .
we need to press one button if they start going off , an other to test them , and someone from the council can / could set them off from outside the property via an app .

i can remember at the time some people were saying they have sensors in them to inform the scottish government when you are smoking ,,,,, now it maybe possible because one of their plans they are currently considering is banning people in council homes from smoking completely
I had a smart meter from E-On a couple of months ago. One reason was the remote meter reading so that we did not have callers to read the meter if I was out shopping and my wife is unable to get to the door. The 'home device' is in the garage near the old meter and connection as the wi-fi signal is so weak it doesn't reach the house itself. I have never used it as the readings are not easy to get to lots of buttons to press that are not really marked. According to tv adverts the buttons show 'this weeks usage', 'current usage' and 'this month's' but I can't seem to get to grips with mine so it just sits there.
My brother in law is an avid follower of his power usage and is obsessed with saving money, so his unit is in full view and he looks at it all the time, in panic he switches lights off and uses really dim light bulbs, house looks like a Victorian workhouse as far as lighting goes. As for my wife and I we just use electricity when required, kettle, hot water in summer, cooking, lighting and the like. (No gas and oil central heating).
slightly headed of topic a little ,,
but with light bulbs ,,, people no longer need to sit in the dark or use the old dim "" energy saving bulbs "" ..

i am a huge fan of LED lighting . and slowly changing every bulb in the house to LED's. recently when i decorated the living room mum picked a new ceiling light that has 5 bulbs rated for 50 watt halogen bulbs ...

5 x 50 = 250 watts ouch..

bought tiny LED bulbs that have 20+ led chips in each bulb totals 2.5 watts usage.

2.5 x 5 = 12.5 watts .

if i go around the house and switch on just the led lighting in each room and look at the smart meter their is absolutely no change in electric being used.
if i switch on the cooker extraction hood halogen bulbs the meter shoots up to low amber reading.

the more bulbs i replace with LED bulbs , the more the electric usage is dropping.