Paul O'Grady interview

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I confess to being a fan but thought it rare to find a famous person so articulate on the plight of carers: ... d-carry-on
He worked as a paid Carer before fame. I've read his autobiographies and he comes across as a caring person by nature and by upbringing
He certainly loves dogs!!!! :) :) (such a lovely programme, Pogdogs!)
I have a lot of time for Paul O'Grady, he's one of a few 'celebrities' who actually 'get it' !
(Johnny Walker and Jeremy Vine being a couple more who 'get it' :) )
Such down to earth reading. Don't laugh, but my hubby's legs were like Paul O'Grady's. I used to tell him he had Lilly Savage legs! He always took it in good fun.
Its good to hear someone famous speaking out for carers plight.
David Baddiel has also been very honest about his father with dementia - including saying how 'anti-social' his behaviour had become ('inappropriate' I think is the word isn't it?). I think it's brave to admit that these 'darker sides' of dementia can happen, which we would all prefer not to think about.

That said, I guess there is the very tricky issue of whether we have a 'right' to 'air in public' the things that dementia can do to someone, as in, how would we feel if we were the caree that a public-figure carer was talking about? Or would we think it might help others, as I hope it can? (as in, reassure them that these things can and do happen in the grim journey of dementia.)
Pet - I'm SO glad POG isn't Lily Savage any longer! I always disliked that persona! (Curiously, I used to like Danny La Rue!) (And I adore Dame Edna!!)